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Alex pall is a DJ. He has been DJing since his childhood. It has been his hobby and career one that he is very passionate about. He has worked in cities like New York. With time he realized that dance music was getting the better of him and gave it a trial. This is through the help of his manager who introduced him to Drew whom they have been working together since then. He quit his other job to do music. Alex says that they both knew what they were after. The talk between him and Andrew was mostly concerning music. They also discussed what they eventually want to develop into.

They both took their initiatives to make their dream a reality. This is through observation of what is happening around them. Through observation of their success and failures, they have been able to focus on their success. They have combined the strengths in Andrew and Alex pall to reach where they are. Alex pall gives what he is best at. Alex pall did not want to treat this as a job. All they knew was their goal. So far they have produced music that most fans relate to deeply. He has this thing of keeping up with the trends which encourages them to try new things.

Alex pall involves songwriters in the writing of the songs they produce. He says that at some point they face challenges which they have managed to overcome and satisfy the demands of the fans. Pall says that working with Halsey was an amazing experience for him. He describes her as a talented artist who has a very deep voice. He says that social media especially Instagram has really assisted them in gaining popularity. Many fans get to know about their music.

Alex pall intended to decorate his house. He has a very nice taste. He requested an interior designer referred to as Peti Lau to do the work for him. The house has architectural style. It is amazing for a popular man like Alex pall to have a taste for a bungalow house. It has slate floors and stone fireplaces. The layout is also open and the compound has beautiful trees.

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