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Alastair Borthwick And How He Has Discovered Scotland

Alastair Borthwick has done some great work exploring Great Britain, and his latest project is one that allows people to see where they could go in Scotland that is new and different. Scotland is a mass of lakes and mountains that hides some of its best secrets, and it would be smart for you to come to Scotland, follow the same kind of itinerary that Alastair has created, and work out the best places to go. Plus, you can try out places that he featured as a part of Undiscovered Scotland.

1. How Hidden Are These Places?

The places that you want to go in Alastair’s Undiscovered Scotland are often small villages and locations that are off the main roads. There are some gorgeous places to drive in Scotland that you might have seen on TV, and you can drive those lovely roads to places in Scotland where you need to start searching for the most fun places to go. Plus, you will find that you can stay in these tiny villages and towns because they have pubs and taverns that are ready for you.

2. The Sights

There are many lovely places to go see in Scotland, and you need to know for a fact that you can get to these hidden locations because they might require that you drive on tracks or hike. You can compare pictures you saw on Undiscovered Scotland with things you found online, and you can even watch Alastair’s films again to see where you want to go. Alastair Borthwick has presented all the best that Scotland has to offer that you have never seen before.

3. Conclusion

Alastair Borthwick has done incredible work trying to figure out how he can make Scotland more accessible to the masses. You can follow along with Undiscovered Scotland at any time, and you can start picking the places that you think look the best. There are a number of people who would like to go on the trips that are listed in these beautiful documentaries, and they could follow in Alastair’s footsteps across Scotland.

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