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Ahead of the Curve with Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a beacon of light when it comes to the dispersion of information about advanced technology and social media. In today’s day age it takes little to no effort for a challenge or prank to go viral. Many times these acts can be harmless and good fun for those who are participating in these actions. On the other hand, some of these challenges can just be reckless and cause major injury for those who are involved.

If a parent is looking to stay informed about what is happening in the social media world they should check out Alex Hern’s work. Social media platforms for a long time where allowing these careless acts to take place with no repercussions, but that time is coming to an end. Youtube has begun banning actions such as the bird box challenge that forces people to go through there everyday life with a blindfold on.

This challenge has led to people walking across the street with a blindfold on and even going as far as having people drive while blind. Alex hern says how youtube has cracked down on these silly antics. Being the editor of technology at the Guardian allows Alex Hern to see the new media trend of social media platforms before they began to take hold on the masse

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