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Adam Sender, An Avid Collector of Contemporary Art

There are avid art collectors that acquire so much art it is uncanny. Some collectors have an art appetite that is so insatiable, they buy piece after piece that catches their eye. One day they realize that they have bought enough art to fill a mansion, but that many eyes have never seen these stunning pieces of art. One such collector, Adam Sender realized that he had so much art might that he wanted to have unique gallery exhibition that showcased some of the stunning art from his collection.

Adam Sender was a hedge fund tycoon, but he left the trading desk to become an art collector that has one of the most coveted collections of contemporary art. Sender caught the attention of the Miami art scene at the Art Basel Miami Beach when he announced that he would use one of his Miami homes to mount a show entitled “Home Alone.” The show was curated by Sarah Aibel who gravitated towards showing the works of Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Rashid Johnston and Chris Ofili. The show is comprised of 70 pieces that were selected from Sender’s collection of over 1,000 works of art. Sender’s collection is currently appraised at an estimate of over $100 million.

This passionate collector began accumulating pieces during the late 90’s. He notes that the art world has drastically changed since his his first foray of collecting contemporary art. At the time, he was able to purchase a piece of Richard Prince for a $100,000. Under the current market, a work of Prince’s would sell for much more.

Many collectors do not take interest in emerging artists. That is an unfortunate oversight on their part. Sender is also drawn to the works of emerging and up and coming artists. Over time Sender has developed a keen eye for art. He does like to discover new art, but he wants an artist to mature and become a bit seasoned in their craft before he considers purchasing their works. As for new artists, he likes to wait until they have graduated from school and are a few years into their career. Since it does take an artist a bit of time to establish their point of view and vision, Sender’s approach is quite understandable.

If the “Home Alone” show is well received, Adam Sender is interested in developing further exhibitions. Eventually Sender’s collection might be housed in a private collector museum. At the moment, Sender is happy to seek out other great contemporary works of art and mount shows. This famous collector does not want to hide his treasured collection; he wishes for these works of art to be seen and to resonate with others.

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