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Adam Milstein: Understanding Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is a philanthropic author that writes about issues that the Jewish people face on a daily basis. He is a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist that believes that his voice is making a difference. Adam Milstein is a Jew and knows first-hand the struggles that the community faces. In his latest article, “Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan, the Flames of Anti-Semitism,” he discusses the threat of Anti-Semitism to the Jewish community. Anti-Semitism is discrimination towards the Jewish people. The reason it is becoming an increased threat is that Radical Muslims and Leftists have joined forces. The groups form an unlikely team as in a rational world; Leftists would be entirely against Radical Muslims. Both groups share the hatred of western influence. They both disrespect the freedom of speech. The summary of the equation is Leftists plus Radical Muslims equals more lives lost. More women being stoned. More gays being murdered. More innocent women, men, and children being subjected to torture because the group believes that Jews are the reason for Muslim oppression. It also increases the chances of the demolishment of Israel. Though the collaboration between the two groups is a big problem, the more significant issue is the solution. Many Jews seem to be contributing to the problem more than becoming a part of the solution. One example that Adam Milstein uses is the college student at Tufts University that helped create a guide that named Israel as a white supremacist state. The purpose of Milstein giving this example is to prove that Jews are the answer to anti-Semitism. However, they will not make a difference if they are contributing to the hate, racism, and bigotry. The student also identified themselves as Jewish and claimed that they were not anti-Semitic. Confusion may be another issue in the Jewish community. It is another reason that Adam Milstein would write this article to change the Jewish understanding of the real problem. Jews have the power to overcome anti-Semitism. There have been many other instances where they have conquered similar threats. Adam Milstein provides a great deal of awareness of anti-Semitism in this article.

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