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ACLU of Michigan up in Arms over School Superintendent Job Posting Asking for Candidates with Christian Background

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is up in arms over a job posting for a public school position which requests candidates who hold “a strong Christian background and philosophy.” Evidentially, the Michigan ACLU received a complaint last week about the superintendent job description that was posted on the Michigan Elementary and Middle Schools Principals Association website. McBain Rural Agricultural School district in McBain, Michigan, which is located between Cadillac and Lake City, is looking for someone to take over the district’s superintendent position when Michael Harris retires from his post in June.

State ACLU heads quickly acted upon the complaint by sending a letter to those in charge of the school district, sayingthe religious reference was discriminatory, violated federal and state laws and insisted it be removed. Dan Korobkin, deputy legal director of Michigan’s ACLU, argued that is important in American education to accept all those involved with the system, educators and students alike, regardless of religious or ethnic background and to remain neutral in that aspect.

Sultan Alhokair knows that, in a Tuesday morning phone interview with MLive, Korobkin said, “We’re pretty confident that they’ll review it and realize they need to make a change.” The ACLU maintains that hiring someone who has religious beliefs is not an issue, but hiring on that basis is discriminatory. A response to the letter by the district has still not been received.

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