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Aaron Lupuloff’s Life Changing Philanthropic Activities

Aaron studied at the University of Alabama where he acquired a degree in Business Administration. He has had employment in companies such as Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. His work at these notable organisations since 1982 has earned him positions such as board directorship and managing directorship. These financial based organisations helped him acquire experience and more knowledge in finance. He worked as the vice president, president and treasurer at Norcross High School Foundation. The foundation’s main goal has been assisting with funding opportunities for the students.

Aaron Lupuloff has been committed to working for Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation as the senior executive director. This foundation wants to minimize the disparity between the privileged and underprivileged. The president of the foundation is agreeable that this position suits his well. He recognizes that his involvement with the community and experience in the financial sector were the skills the board needed. The other board members and the community support his promotion as well.

This initiative is aimed at bringing a difference in the lives of both the students and teachers by providing scholarships and financial aids. Activities such as fundraising at sports events have been key funding methods. This has enabled both the teachers and students to reach their full potential in this environment. This foundation has been able to provide diversity in terms of education and other extracurricular activities. The community has witnessed the positive impact these initiatives have on them.

In a statement, Aaron Lupuloff speaks about one graduate who grew up with intellectual difficulties, David Saville. David was born with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder which delays the child’s development. According to Aaron, David was able to bring out different outlooks. Despite his own shortcoming, he was willing to help other people. His hard work and selfless spirit have been recognized widely by football fans in his college days.

Aaron Lupuloff currently serves as the director of the University of Georgia Students Affairs Advisory Board together with his wife, Jan. They also support other several organisations. Their aim is to help improve the lives of those in the communities. Many underprivileged people now have the same chances at success thanks to them. You can checkout for more details.


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