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Aaron Lupuloff Explains His Long-Term Support Of The Atlanta Educational Community

AAaron Lupuloff is a financial advisor and serves the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation as its senior executive director. This foundation is a nonprofit that provides money to educational programs at schools in the local community. He believes in promoting higher education standards in the greater Atlanta region. He has been very important to this foundation as a fundraiser. He has worked for financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Raymond James, and Bear Stearns.

The Gwinnett County Public School district is the 13th largest one in the nation. In Georgia, one out of every ten students has been educated in this school district. Aaron Lupuloff has especially been a supporter of Nocross High School where he helped to establish the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence. Aaron has been the treasurer, vice president, and president of this organization. He has additonally been an officer on the booster club.

Aaron Lupuloff says that he has five kids that have graduated from the Gwinnett County Public Schools district. His oldest is Dana who graduated from Georgia Tech and now works at Deloitte Consulting. His son Jason, also a Georgia Tech graduate, is now a public policy senior consultant. Jami is a University of Georgia is a math coach and teacher pursuing his Ph.D. His daughter Erika is at Georgia tech studying biomedical engineering.

He says that great schools build great communities. If people are willing to buy into this than Aaron Lupuloff says that they will also buy into helping other people. He looks to the long-term as a leader of educational organizations. His favorite position at one of the nonprofits he has served on was vice president of strategy. This gave him the ability to plan the organization’s long-term strategy and set it up so that it could help his eventual grandchildren’s generation.

Adding additional commments about the future of the educational foundations he serves on, Aaron Lupuloff says that he is crafting creative ways of raising money for them in order to further their mission to help educate children. He says that his school district, like many others, is facing an ever-changing demographic which requires raising money to benefit both the children and teachers. This feeds into keeping the overall Atlanta community great.

The GCPS Foundation was launched 16 years ago. This foundation supports over 180,000 students and more than 11,000 teachers. They fund scholarships, financially support student programs, and provide support to teachers in the classroom among other initiatives. The goal is to empower students and teachers so that they can meet their potential and help to build world-class schools.

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