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A-Rod Returns to Mildly Warm Welcome

For the past 162 regular season games, the New York Yankees tried to distance themselves from the drama that Alex Rodriguez created from his use of performance enhancing drug use. It was unclear, for the better part of the off season whether the team would even welcome A-Rod back in the clubhouse, especially after it was reported that they reported to meet with the one time superstar. But after the season got closer to opening day and his play in spring training was not as bad as one might think given the long layoff he was back in the dugout and back in the starting lineup. Now all that was left was whether the fans, would be willing to accept his return.

Obviously, the Yankees being who they are will get booed almost everywhere they play this season that is not their own stadium. But fans at Anastasia Date know that the real test for A-Rod at least is whether the tried and true Yankee fans would be forgiving enough to welcome him back. So as the 39-year old took the field, most people watched and wondered how the reaction would go. As he took his first at bat you could actually hear a mild but warm applause from the home fans. Now the test will be can he return to his old form of crushing balls over the fence and driving in runs. Should he be able to do that then he may find fans returning to cheer him on.

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