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A Qualified Lawyer, Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a highly prolific and skilled attorney based in Florida and Chicago. He is perpetually passionate about giving services to the public. At his 18th year, he was working as a medical technician in New Chicago. After working for six months, he became a police officer. He then gave the position of a Deputy Sheriff with Orange County Sheriff after battling with frostbite for some years.

During his period there, he was assigned to Tourist Policing Division, Patrol Division and the Fugitive Division. He received various accolades and awards which he is still proud of up to date. In his job as the Deputy Sheriff, he went back to college where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business Management. He then went to Florida State School of Law in 1997, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law in 2000.

Two years after graduation, he established the Dan Newlin Law Offices. He hired a team that was vastly experienced in the law. This significantly contributed to their distinction and honorable recognition as the Super Lawyer Law Firm, a designate that less than 5% of Florida Law Firms or Lawyers earn.

Up to date, Dan and his firm has recovered above one hundred and fifty million US dollars for injury and accident victims, and has immensely developed from a small office to a larger law firm that serves all Illinois and Florida residents. With a team of eighteen immeasurably experienced attorneys, ranging from retired Board Certified Surgeon to former state prosecutors; it provides personalized excellent legal services and has over seventy-five employees.

Newlin and his able team of qualified lawyers have their focus on to truck accidents, auto accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, medical negligence, construction accidents, all injury cases and has lately began representing person(s) wrongly charged with criminal offenses. He prides in providing qualified, vastly experienced legal representation and without a doubt, he is committed to nothing but excellence.

Dan, the attorneys and the staff members are exceedingly devoted to getting the most out of the monetary recovery and defending all the legal rights of their customers. They provide excellent and professional legal representation. They Work for everybody irrespective of his/her gender, and race and religion are always their great honor.

In the past years, Newlin has had the honor of helping thousands of people and families during the period of unanticipated tragedy as a trial attorney. Many parents have contacted him to assist them with different accidents, which occasionally result in severe incapacitations for example blindness, brain injuries, or even loss of life through an unjustified death. He handles such cases with legal competence and precision from the first-minute one contacts him.

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