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A Prospect into Forex Trading and ICOs by Jordan Lindsey

There have been serious steps taken by major European regulators in the forex industry to tighten control. They are putting in requirements aimed at offering new transparency levels to match the MiFID II directive. New rules demand that traders specify new requirements for the minimum leverage value of 1:50 and bars bonus programs so common to traders. The cryptocurrency boom has also attracted more and more people from every corner of the globe. There were 752 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2017 raising $5 billion, a figure that went beyond what capital venture early-stage funding. The ICO momentum will go on into 2018 with an evolution that will transform the cryptocurrency market.

57% of major corporations have started to work with blockchain as well as mainstream firms embracing the ICO space, a trend that is likely to go on. Companies like Microsoft have gone into looking at what’s next for cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and ICOs. It is expected that in 2018 companies will go lean as crowdfunding grows forcing countries to come up with limitations and regulations on how much to raise in a year. Companies are likely to raise just the minimum requirement and attract institutional investors to fill their main capital needs.

Companies with existing products such as healthcare will use blockchain to bring their products to the markets in 2018. ICO will be adopted better as countries are aligning regulations with their fiscal authorities’ requirements increasing competition among regions and jurisdictions. With financial regulators are considering ICOs to increase trustworthy a positive trend for the cryptocurrency.

Jordan Lindsey is a widely traveled veteran trader with founding experience in financial and technology markets. He is the Founder of Bitcoin Growth Bot and JCL Capital. Jordan is a self-taught programmer and systems architecture has created the cryptocurrencies first 100% transparent trading bot for a lending program. He has developed an algorithm and launched a cryptocurrency token called Nucleus that is used as a third-party algorithm for the blockchain markets. The algorithm is coded in 2Q17 that is used in forex market trades, and Jordan Lindsey used MQL4 language and a Metatrader 4 platform. A strong believer in teamwork, Jordan Lindsey has a team that is working towards launching a platform.

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