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A Leap into the Future with Highland Capital Management

Investment banking has evolved considerably over the years, starting as a partnership entity focused on underwriting security issuance such as mergers and acquisitions, secondary market offerings, initial public offerings, and brokerage, and growing into an “all-inclusive service range” including investment management, propriety research, and securities research. Emerging markets investment multinational banking corporations like Highland Capital Management provide these critical investment services. This corporation has been a key player in the financial market for more than 20 years, and knows long and short equities are essential and advises their clients aptly when it comes to distressed or health care and special institutions. The Dallas-based company has been going strong. Starting from concept, Highland has developed a strong portfolio in the industry. Providing the best investment advice to yield the most productive solutions to investments of Highland’s clients has been the corporation’s mission over the years.

Highland has a diverse customer base that is made up of high net worth individuals, governments, corporations, endowments, and public pension plans. The corporation has won the heart of many diverse clients because their service provision demonstrates a clear understanding that provision of security and advisement based on predicted growth patterns and economic trends can give investors the edge needed to help manage all their resources. By creating an easily manageable and diversified portfolio that shows their clients where they stand with their assets and advising appropriately, Highland is making their clients’ tomorrow a brighter future.

The efficiency of Highland is widely associated with the experience, professionalism, and hard work of Jim Dondero, who is the corporation’s co-founder and president. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science, he worked with renowned companies such as JP Morgan and American Express prior to founding Highland in 1993. Dondero’s visionary leadership and confidence in the investment market has seen the company grow steadily. Credible sources indicate that Highland currently manages over $ 20 billion in assets. This shows Dondero has what it takes to deliver what their clients want.

With Dondero’s extensive experience and unique leadership acumen, Highland is set to maintain the reputation of an investment corporation with a proven track record that specializes in private equity and credit hedge funds. The confidence in the Highland’s leadership is a reason enough for one to choose the corporation to manage their assets. When choosing the right investment banking corporation, an investor should be sure to pick one that is experienced in covering the needs at hand and maintains a limited market. The right corporation should also be rooted in many destinations. Highland Capital Management has offices in Texas, Seoul, New York, and Singapore, and that makes them a great example of an investment corporation that any investor who wants a brighter investment future should consider working with.

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