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A Fresh Look At America’s Education System with Betsy DeVos

In recent weeks there have been many criticisms over President Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos as his choice as Education Secretary. People around the nation have held strong opinions. Many without even knowing much about this progressive individual who may just be onto something with her unique views on education. Like it or not, this educated middle-aged woman will set the stage for education and has many creative and fresh dreams to reform our current broken educational system. While she has no formal experience serving in an elected office, she has a passion for education and has spent much of her own money, time, and care to help others and has weathered many storms in bringing about change to schools. This expertise may just be what our country needs.

She is a long time Republican and comes from a family line of people who have worked as civil servants. Betsy believes in an educational voucher program where parents and students can attend the school they feel is best for them. This privatization of schools is her passion and goal. She feels this freedom and choice will help all students receive a more individualized education and eliminate much of the red tape schools deal with. Her own children attended private schools and she feels this type of school can help nurture students and give more choice to parents.

Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

It is true that she is a wealthy woman from Michigan,but she has used that wealth to better others lives. DeVos has donated many funds to programs that help children and she believes a quality education should be available for all children. She is a conservative and proud of her faith and Christianity. While many people criticize her, some are excited for her passion and fresh ideas. Everyone would agree that America’s education system has holes: large class sizes, poor test scores, and lack of parent involvement. Betsy sees these issues and is ready to tackle them head on. Her ideas are not new to her and many think it is time to quit putting her down and instead hear what she has to say, and give her a chance.

Many changes are expected in the upcoming months as she seeks to implement her ideas with great support of many other education reformers. Betsy DeVos is ready to tackle the current system and knows it will not be an easy journey. It is exciting to see a person who has used their blessings in the past to help others and is now using her time and energy for something she believes is vital and important to the future of America.

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