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2016 Stock Market Outlook Has A Silver Lining

The stock market in 2015 began and ended on quite a flat note, but that dark cloud may have a silver lining. While the market started 2015 on a calm note, concerns built and by August a mini-crash began. Worries about growth led to skepticism and risk focus, and the lows for the third quarter didn’t help instill confidence. The fourth quarter brought investor attitudes that didn’t improve, their focus shifted to negativity and worry because the price of oil was low. Uncertainty and risk drove the shift in the market, and major names like Goldman Sachs theorized that the price could easily continue to tumble.

With the year ending with the market stuck in a rut and investors feeling that the new year would be the same, a conservative optimist attitude seems to be the driving force for the market. But there are some reasons why this year could be prosperous. The market now sits in a favorable position to offer wonderful surprises this year. When investors stay focused on worry, the pendulum is often poised to swing the opposite and bring good gains. When the market seems risky, it seems wise to buy “safe” stocks, but often this is a time when you can find surprisingly positive returns on companies that will experience successful growth. That means this is the year to focus on companies that will be leading the market in growth. That being said, this is obviously a good year to invest in U.S. Stocks, in the gamble that they will provide the successful growth that investors are searching for.
If you are looking to get started investing in this years market, search for a highly qualified professional like James Dondero who is both the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. With over 30 years in the market, focusing on high-yield and distressed investing, Jim is a man who knows how to play a shaky stock market.
Prior to starting Highland Capital, Jim Dondero, as a Chief Investment Officer, was involved in creating Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. He was also a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager at American Express. He began his lucrative and successful career with Morgan Guaranty in the training program back in 1984. Check out Jim’s┬ámost recent tweet via the link below!

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