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2015 Will See States Looking to Adopt New Plans to Tax Miles Driven


Back in 2001, the state of Oregon, which aggressively advocated fuel economical cars to reduce greenhouse gases, began to complain of decreased gasoline tax revenue. At the time, the legislature considered a new tax or “fee” to charge drivers for every mile driven. It was abandoned at the time. However, the incoming year will see several states such as Oregon, California, Nevada, Washington, and Minnesota consider plans to tax drivers for every mile driven.

Thus far, the fees per mile driven are being touted as alternatives to the gasoline taxes states levy. That said, Sam Tabar knows that there’s no guarantee that the measures would lead to a repeal of gasoline taxes or even that states would not consider reenacting gasoline taxes in the future. Proponents for the plan state that it is fair. Just because a car is fuel economical does not mean that it drives less miles or makes use of state roads less than gas guzzlers.

It may also lead to determination as to how safe a person drives. In California, 400 people are participating in a program to pay 1.5 cents per mile in lieu of the state’s 30 cent per gallon gas tax. That program would have an outside contractor track driver’s mileage and bill them for the use of the streets and roads.

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  1. Kyndall Jude says: -#1

    Opponents of the plans see them as invasive government plans. The use of devices to track mileage by GPS can lead the government to track when & where people drive. The very fact that assignment man services has not yet done the work for them makes it very impossible to believe and I know it means a lot for them.

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