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Boraie Development Focuses On Infrastructure Developments In New Jersey

Giving back to the community is one of the core duties of corporations and other corporate entities. Boraie Development is taking this duty seriously that’s why with their collaboration with the former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, the firm started making developments that focus on infrastructure developments in the whole state of New Jersey. These projects aim to develop and renovate both residential and commercial infrastructures. Among these developments are projects like “The Aspire” in New Brunswick and the “CitiPlex12” in Newark.

“The Aspire” is a residential building located in 135 Somerset St. and is one of the residential projects of Boraie Development. This building is developed just a couple of minutes away from the New Brunswick Train Station, which is advantageous for people who need to commute every day. Being a luxury apartment, it features functions such as a fitness center and a yoga space for those who like to keep themselves physically fit.

There is also a lobby with a doorman 24/7 and an elevator from the parking lot that takes everyone to different floors of the building. Those who want to have a BBQ party or other festivities with their families and friends can enjoy in the sundeck space and garden located at the rooftop. Resident clubs are also present for people who want to socialize with their neighbors.

The building is surrounded by several medical institutions such as the Robert Wood Johson Hospital system and the Children’s Cancer Institute. With the capacity to house up to 238 residents comfortably, The Aspire is also a safe place to live with its world-class services and security system.

The Aspire is not the only project that Boraie Development started during their focused development endeavors in New Jersey. It is their company’s motto to do one project at a time but do it well. Its other project is known as the CitiPlex 12 which was located in Newark. This is made possible due to their collaboration to Shaquille O’Neal. Mr. O’Neal spent his childhood in the Newark area during the 1970s and has been fond of the places that he used to visit. One of those places is an old movie theater which was renovated to be the CitiPlex 12. This project made a $7 million worth of renovation.

Boraie Development, a known real estate developer in New Jersey, is also an institution for property management and sales marketing. The firm and its partners aim to help New Jersey, especially its distressed areas, by infrastructure developments.

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