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What Matt Badiali Thinks Will Be Big For Investing In The Future

Matt Badiali has been involved in the investment world for several years; however, that’s not where his expertise lies. Instead, Matt Badiali says his focus is in the mining, energy and agricultural industries. This is because he’s worked in these fields even before getting into investing. He’s also conducted extensive research on these industries across the world; in his research position, Mr. Badiali has said that he’s had to travel to Iraq, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and many more.

Even before his career officially began, Matt Badiali had an interest in the sciences; this led him to Penn State University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. In 2004 he was working toward a Doctorate when he became interested in the world of finance. Since he was experienced in several industries, this was where he decided to focus his investment opportunities. Since then, he’s launched a variety of ways to provide investment advice to average investors with the majority of his stock advice covering mining, energy and agricultural stocks; however, he has been known to comment on other areas too.

According to a variety of reports, many people who have followed Mr. Badiali’s advice have said that they’ve seen double-digit returns on the majority of their investments. With that in mind, many people wonder where Matt Badiali sees as some of the next big trends for the investment world over the next few years. Due to how accurate he’s been in the past, many people believe that Mr. Badiali would be just as accurate with these new predictions.

But what is it that Mr. Badiali sees as a new trend for 2019? He believes that energy consumption is set to start completely changing over the next few months. According to Matt Badiali, there will be a significant shift away from more traditional fossil fuels for energy; he’s also said that this would be toward electricity. However, he’s noted that the only thing keep people back is the technology available; he’s noted that it’s quite difficult to store enough electricity for a city. Once that’s cracked. However, things will begin to change dramatically. Click here to learn more

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