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U.S. Money Reserve

The United Money Reserves was founded in 2001. The company is known to be the world’s largest private distributors of national and foreign government-issued precious metal coins. The United States Money Reserve has been in business for over ten years.

The company is led by a former United State Mint Senator, Phil N. Diehl. The USMR is based in Austin, Texas. The company has been authorized by the selling and issuing of legal tender. They create issue coins with gold, platinum, and silver. The United States Money Reserve os triple ‘A’ rated by the Business Consumer Alliance.

When customers buy gold coins there is a buyback guarantee. The United States Reserve provides refunds on certified gold coins orders. The buyback would only be applicable for about thirty days. The mint has usually had a quick delivery time for customers. The company employees are knowledgable in the market and for the needs of buyers. The company would like to have a long-term relationship with its customers.

They sell Pearl Harbor minted coins and American Eagle coins. The United States Money Reserve sales Australian coins and Canadian Maple leaf coins as well. They may sell out quick on the coins but it can be restocked just as quick.

February 2016, the United States Money Reserve began an internship program through hiring its first marketing intern. A couple of years later the team celebrated the program’s success and rapid growth. The USMR is seeking a new round of interns for the summer.

Interns would have to be interested in the environment and the communication skills that come with it. Jim Warren the Vice President of Marketing and Communication started the internship program. He had help from Mallory Burgess with starting the internship. Burgess excelled in the role of the Marketing Coordinator while managing the USMR’s internship program.

The upcoming semester is going to have six social media, radio, television, and film interns in the offices. The United States Money Reserve also has its first Intern Supervisor Sierra Taylor. Sierra Taylor is doing the supervising for the internship while going to school. Taylor is studying to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising.

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