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Middle Eastern Ship Engineering Executive Iskandar Safa

Privinvest is a shipbuilding operation that owns production facilities in Europe and the Middle East, and its Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Iskandar Safa has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry.

He begin his career in the architectural design of marine vessels in 1991 when he purchased the French shipyard Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie, located in the city of Cherbourg. After completing his studies at the American University of Beirut, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Iskandar Safa left the country of Lebanon to pursue opportunities in civil engineering in the U.S. After that, he relocated again to France and attended the European Institute of Business Administration, earning an MBA degree.

Iskandar Safa also worked at his father’s civil engineering company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after college, and was given the assignment of constructing a military academy with an airstrip that would be named for the reigning King of that country at that time. The motivated entrepreneur previously held positions in the international trade sector, and along with his brother Akram Safa, Iskandar Safa was an investor in a European hotel chain that he helped bring to financial success.

He has stated that he likes taking on big projects and challenges, which is one of the reasons why his company Privinvest has been consistent at producing high quality ships to deliver to customers that range from the naval branch of the military to private owners who are interested in purchasing mega yachts. Visit This Page for additional information.

Privinvest delivers more than 2,000 water-navigating vessels equipped with high tech solutions to be used in national defense operations, as well as for leisure activities. Iskandar Safa endured a number of struggles in the years before he gained success as the top executive of Privinvest and other corporations. He was also an Olympic disc-throwing champion in his youth.

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