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Michael Nierenberg on Finding the Right Employees

One of the benefits to being someone as influential as Michael Nierenberg is that you are given the potential to impact the state of thousands of lives at once. While this, to some people, can be a scary amount of power, when you have an individual who has just the right amount of drive to change the state of things around him, this power can end up being extremely beneficial not only to that individual, but to everyone he impacts in his everyday life. This is a teaching that Michael Nierenberg took from his parents, and he continues to apply it in his daily business proceedings.

When Michael Nierenberg is considering who to hire for his corporations, he does not first look at the history of the employee or even their level of education. This much is definitely a nice bonus to have with a dedicated employee, but it is not the focus to an individual like Michael Nierenberg. The first thing he looks for in every person is their ability to sympathize and work with others, because he believes that an individual who does not possess these basic human qualities does not deserve to work with him or his companies.

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