Developing Strategies of a Business with Josh Verne

Josh Verne is a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of One must work hard so that he can become successful not all things are easy to attain. There are various steps that one needs to follow in order to attain their aims. He has a lot of experience in beginning, developing and buying businesses. is an organization that controls and helping individuals through distributing their discoveries on an online podium.


For one to be prosperous one must not be bossy and be a leader, because being a boss the main aim is to attain goals not for everyone while a leader objective he makes sure that each individual are being looked at and his main concern is his staff members.


The other thing is to make sure whatever one does is always winning. Put on adequate knowledge these enables one not to lose and also if you achieve something always tell your clients and workers.


Lastly but not least is always talk less and listen more because it will make your workers respect you as well as the customers. Furthermore also introduce firmness each day and ensure that your health and family are your greatest accomplishment not only the business.


Lastly is to search what you mostly like to do every day therefore these will make individual support and it will boost you to make a difference in many people lives. Josh Verne is prosperous entrepreneur due to his values he adheres to is what has made him reach where he is right now.


With Guard Down, Prisoners Often Give Away Criminal Information To Law Enforcement Using Securus Software

People are most likely to open up among family and friends. When each one of us feels comfortable, we are more likely to talk about deeper issues within our lives. It is pretty common knowledge, but this ability to open up when talking to friends and family is a key complement in preventing and solving crimes for a telecommunications company called Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a multimillion dollar telecommunications company probably have never heard of. It is not the kind of company that you can enlist to provide your house or apartment with telecommunications services. Rather, the company focuses on providing telephone services to jails.


In order to assist law enforcement in preventing and solving crimes, this telecommunications company records every single phone call into a jail. There is a treasure trove of actionable information within this recorded telephone call database. But it is nearly impossible to identify without a particular software program innovated by Securus Technologies.


This mind blowing software innovation allows anybody to probe deep within this massive digital database to find a particular word or phone call. It does this by walking on to the unique signatures within a particular person’s voice. It then comes through all of the phone calls ever recorded to find every relevant recording. But here is where it gets really interesting.


Telephone calls made to criminals inside of a prison from a friend or a loved one often leads to actionable information. This is because the criminal feels very comfortable talking to their friend or loved one. Prisoners tend to let their guard down and forget that they are being recorded. Friends and family involved in criminal activities outside of the prison are also lulled into a sense of security talking to the incarcerated. This kind of complacency can often lead to amazing gotcha moments.


The Need for Businesses to Handle their Online Reputation Management

Search engine queries have risen up to almost 64 percent of any company’s web traffic. Since first impression is everything, it has become critical for every company to take care of their online reputation more than ever before. Consequently, many online reputation management companies have come with the aim of helping businesses manage their online image.

Effort to Help People and Businesses have Control of their Online Reputation

On 17th March 2017, the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce held a luncheon that featured an online reputation management speaker, Sheila Scarborough. The dinner, which was sponsored by Bruner Auto Group, focused on training attendees on how to determine social media conversations that mattered to their businesses.

Digital communication being a powerful marketing and customer service tool, attendees of the luncheon had the chance of learning how to respond and interact with clients on the social platforms. Sheila, who is also a tourism and travel specialist has years as a trainer and helps people learn how to handle their online image for an excellent customer experience.

Importance of Controlling your Online Reputation

Search trends and statistics show that many people and companies are interested in online reputation management topics, and especially making the first impression. Every business strives to improve their online reputation reviews since a good first impression defines, projects and protects the image of a company. Managing your business’s online reputation can help you stay relevant for long in the highly competitive market.

By controlling your online image, you build a digital fortress for your business. This reputation is achieved through creation of a robust website, active social media platforms, and potential online advertisement. With knowledge on how to control your online reputation, you know how to handle complaints, negative feedback, and not to be overwhelmed by the positive comments.

All the same, online reputation management is tough, and companies need meet high transparency standards to stay on top.


Ricardo Tosto; One of the Most Successful Lawyers in Brazil

In many parts of the universe, lawyers have been able to make a name for themselves to the point of gaining respect from other professions and every individual. They have been an envy for very many people because of the way they carry themselves, their lifestyle, the respect they receive from others. Regardless of having all these, for you to become a lawyer you need to be ready to sacrifice very many things. When children are growing up and asked what they want to be in future, a lot of these kids majorly answer either a doctor or lawyer. This proves that these two professions are high-profile occupations that every wants to become original source.

In Brazil, it’s the same case as being a lawyer is still receiving positive feedback. The government in Brazil has been seen to support lawyers and the profession through establish numerous law schools compared to other countries. For you to be a certified lawyer, you require first to undergo a five-year mentor-ship in any faculty of law and later get admitted to the bar where you have to pass the Brazilian bar examination. This proves that all Brazilian lawyers are well learned on matters to do with the law which explain the reason as to why Ricardo Tosto is highly valued.

Having been born in 1963, Ricardo Tosto has gradually become a highly respected lawyer in Brazil. He underwent his mentor-ship at Mackenzie University where he acquired his theoretical knowledge and graduated with his law degree. After taking part in the Brazilian bar exam, he passed with flying color that enabled him to become a lawyer he is today. He started from a tiny office to owning his very own law firm. His success is something every lawyer wants to have considering he represents people from all walks of life including politicians and multi-billion organizations. Through serving many prominent personalities in Brazil, he has gained a lot of attention not only in the country but also in the entire world.

From the multiple clients Tosto receives, he decided to become a founding partner of one of Brazil’s law firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros. It became easy for locals and visitors who were in need of his services as they would now be referred to the law firm. He hopes to continue offering his service to everybody regardless of their social background and help in transforming Brazil’s legal system.


Lobbyist and Political Fundraiser: Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is a well-known political fundraiser and lobbyist. She has achieved her status with her patience, grit and skills of strategy as well as her continuous persuasive attitude. With her amazing attention to detail, Andrea McWilliams can use her expert knowledge to each position she deals with whether it is with the public or the private sector.

Andrea McWilliams has always attracted the prestigious attention of the national and international media such as FOX News, CNN, BBC, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and others. They have all done excellent news stories on her as being an ambitious and successful political strategist and fundraiser. Besides being a respected and honored national political commentator McWilliams has also won many titles and awards such as the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist, the Woman of Distinction Award from the Central Texas Girl Scouts, the Austin Under 40 Award as well as others.

Raised in Austin, Texas, McWilliams lives today in Old Enfield with her husband and three children. In addition to her eloquent skills and methods as a political fundraiser and lobbyist, she is also a famous community volunteer and philanthropist. McWilliams has much experience serving as a board member on several non-profit organizations such as Mexi-Arte Museum, Texas Lyceum, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, HeartGift, and other important non-profits.

She is committed to represent the KillCancer and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. With her commitment, she has chaired the Mamma Jamma Ride that has already raised millions of dollars for those coping with breast cancer in central Texas. A staunch supporter of the Center for Child Protection, she has been a celebrity dancer for the Dancing With the Stars fundraising event in Austin.


Everything You Need to Know about Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Ascendant Capital. The Austin-based company is a leading alternative investment boutique whose primary objective is to source profitable real estate, hedge funds and private equities that are constantly eluding potential investors. Under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider, the company’s staff strength has astronomically grown from 1 to more than 30 employees.

Jeffry Schneider hails from Manhattan. He is not just a CEO, but also a man who delights in being a loving husband and an occasional marathon runner. Through his expertise and leadership, Ascendant Capital has been able to raise nearly $1 billion on behalf of several managers. Asides this great achievement, Ascendant Capital works constantly with over 250 investment Advisors, 50 broker dealers, and numerous family offices. The phenomenal growth of company looks set to continue as Jeffry and his team plan on a record breaking strategy which will see the company raise $50 million on a monthly basis.

It is Jeffry Schneider’s philosophy that today’s markets require alternative investments which will help reduce volatility and diversify holdings. Ascendant Capital’s recent success can be attributed to this line of thought and the company’s unique culture of trust and transparency between team members. The company has a chain of interests but also make its primary responsibility to its investors a priority.

Living the life of a CEO and a regular life can be demanding but Jeffry Schneider manages to find a balance. He enjoys staying fit and eating healthy; his love for marathon running has enabled him to be a part of several Marathon events.

Dallas Based Company Secures Investment at a Total of $155 Million

Nexbank financial company recently announced that the firm has managed to increase their private placement of their senior unsecured notes to a total of $155 million in the current year. The proceeds will ensure that the company can continue to offer their exceptional banking services to their clients while investing in finding new opportunities. The unsecured notes are likely to mature in March 2026 and will bear an interest of 5.50% for five years. After the completion of the five-year term, they will have a floating rate which will be above of the basis points of 435.5.

Through the high demand from their current and new investors, the company was able to increase their offering, and this is a strong indication of the support they are getting from their community. The company has been recording earnings in the past year and the net income of the company year after year is showing a growing trend that is likely to remain for many more years in the future.

NexBank is among the largest bank in the country offering a broad range of financial and banking services to its customers. The company is well known for their personalized offerings to their institutional clients and individuals. The company is named the 14th largest bank in the state of Texas and is the 240th largest one in the entire country. The company that started in 1922 has grown immensely since then and has about a powerful workforce working for their clients. While the company headquarter is in Dallas, Texas, it has a presence throughout the country through which they offer their services.

Nexbank has powerful leadership that contributes towards its success. The chairman of the company is James Dondero who ensures that the company offers innovative and flexible services to their clientele over the years using their qualified team of experienced executives. The company has A health rating and is a valuable member of FDIC that shows for their reliable services. The rates offered by the company are almost twice that of the national average, and this has helped the company in securing high-value clients and retains them over the years.


A Fresh Look At America’s Education System with Betsy DeVos

In recent weeks there have been many criticisms over President Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos as his choice as Education Secretary. People around the nation have held strong opinions. Many without even knowing much about this progressive individual who may just be onto something with her unique views on education. Like it or not, this educated middle-aged woman will set the stage for education and has many creative and fresh dreams to reform our current broken educational system. While she has no formal experience serving in an elected office, she has a passion for education and has spent much of her own money, time, and care to help others and has weathered many storms in bringing about change to schools. This expertise may just be what our country needs.

She is a long time Republican and comes from a family line of people who have worked as civil servants. Betsy believes in an educational voucher program where parents and students can attend the school they feel is best for them. This privatization of schools is her passion and goal. She feels this freedom and choice will help all students receive a more individualized education and eliminate much of the red tape schools deal with. Her own children attended private schools and she feels this type of school can help nurture students and give more choice to parents.

Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

It is true that she is a wealthy woman from Michigan,but she has used that wealth to better others lives. DeVos has donated many funds to programs that help children and she believes a quality education should be available for all children. She is a conservative and proud of her faith and Christianity. While many people criticize her, some are excited for her passion and fresh ideas. Everyone would agree that America’s education system has holes: large class sizes, poor test scores, and lack of parent involvement. Betsy sees these issues and is ready to tackle them head on. Her ideas are not new to her and many think it is time to quit putting her down and instead hear what she has to say, and give her a chance.

Many changes are expected in the upcoming months as she seeks to implement her ideas with great support of many other education reformers. Betsy DeVos is ready to tackle the current system and knows it will not be an easy journey. It is exciting to see a person who has used their blessings in the past to help others and is now using her time and energy for something she believes is vital and important to the future of America.

Troy McQuagge, a Respected Business Leader and the Winner of One Planet Gold Awards

The USHEALTH Group CEO, Troy McQuagge was named as the Gold Winner of One Planet Awards. Mr. McQuagge was recognized as the CEO of the year 2016. One Planet Awards are among the most prestigious awards in the world. These awards are given to businesses and professionals who excel in their duties. All organizations in the world including profit and non-profit, public and private, large and small enterprises qualify to submit their nominations in this awarding program.


When receiving the award, Mr. McQuagge said it was a great honor to him to be named the Gold Winner of One Planet Awards. He stated that the award does not belong to him alone, but to all his colleagues at USHEALTH Group Inc. He further added that the award was a proof of their commitments at USHEALTH Group in providing their customers with affordable health care solutions.


About One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards are held every year honoring companies and employees who provide distinguished services. The awards are categorized in some sections which include; public relations, marketing, new products and services, management teams, and corporate communications.


About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a business executive and entrepreneur from Panama City, Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in legal studies in 1983. Mr. Troy has over 30 years of experience in sales related positions especially health insurance sales.


After his graduation, Mr. McQuagge began career with Allstate Insurance Company where he worked until 1995. He later joined the Students Insurance Division of United State Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI). In i997, he was named as the president of UICI’s insurance agency, UGA. Under his management, UGA’s annual sales records continued to increase every year. When Private Equity investors purchased UGA in 2006 and changed its name to HealthMarkets, Mr. McQuagge was handed over the responsibility of leading all the sales and marketing activities of the company while still serving as its president. In 2007, the HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group (AMG) recorded an annual sales volume of over $1 billion. The Company was recognized as the Insurance Sales Organization of the year by Selling Power Magazine and the Stevie Awards.


Mr. Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Advisors, a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group in July 2010 serving as its president and ceo. In November 2013, he was appointed as the Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of USHEALTH Group Inc. He was elected as the President and ceo of USHEALTH Group in June 2014.


The Largest Drilling Rig Fleet In The World’s CEO

Anthony Pettello’s is the CEO of the largest drilling rig fleet and leading provider of offshore drilling. He is an accomplished man that truly has become an asset to Nabors Industries.

He attended Yale University for his bachelor’s and masters in mathematics. He also received a J.D degree from Harvard law school. After gaining a great education he went on to work for Baker & Mckenzie international and corporate law firm. He became a managing partner there in 1986-1991. With the great knowledge, he obtained he began his career in Nabors Industries as chief operating officer in 1991. All of the knowledge he gained in his education and first career with Baker and Mckenzie was used for his involvement with Nabors Industries.

He continued to advance in his expertise at Nabors. He became Deputy chairman in 2003. He then got the position he now holds as Chief Executive Officer for Nabors. This position has given him the opportunity to provide initiative for strategic planning. He is able to provide adaptability for competitiveness from other companies. He now manages the company’s operations. He develops methods and strategies to meet customer needs. He also participates in philanthropic deeds. He is a board member of Texas children’s hospital which he provides donations to. He is the director in energy Hilcrop which protects the environment and ensures a safe healthy workplace. Hilcrop is a company that provides natural gas and massive oil production. His ability to help multiple causes shows his integrity and dedication to the production of safe energy.

Over the years working Nabors Anthony Petrello has provided ideas to meet deadlines for the sales of oil and gas. He was promoted within the company because of his hard work and experience in corporate and international affairs. He provides them with the expertise needed to excel.

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