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The New Chicago Investments

Recently, in the real estate world, five real estate platforms have joined forces to acquire Tycoon Real Estate which is a real estate platform that is located in California. The goal of this acquisition is to reform this platform into something more modern. This real estate firm is the beginning the the new real estate […]

The Rise of Freelancing

Freelancers are constantly being taken advantage of with unfair pay and poor working conditions. The Good Work Code is about to change that. Many freelancing companies such as are fighting for freelancer rights. Handy is a company where people can book house chore services with a click of a button. Throughout the years, Handy […]

Highland Capital Announces New President of Institutional Products

James “Jim” Dondero recently announced the appointment of Tim Jones as the new president of institutional products in Highlands. He takes over a crucial department where he will be tasked with risk assessment, identification, and mitigation. He has clocked over 25 years’ experience in various financial industry positions. Before joining Highlands on a full-time basis, […]

Adam Sender, An Avid Collector of Contemporary Art

There are avid art collectors that acquire so much art it is uncanny. Some collectors have an art appetite that is so insatiable, they buy piece after piece that catches their eye. One day they realize that they have bought enough art to fill a mansion, but that many eyes have never seen these stunning […]

Discovering U.S Money Reserve CrowdRise

The money reserve was initially started by people who were experienced in the gold market. They had found that a combination of customer service and real market knowledge would help them provide guidance that is trustworthy to the clients. Currently, the U.S Money Reserve is the one that is leading in the distributorship of the […]

Next Level’s Urbana Teaches Youth Many Helpful Things

He isn’t just an average guy. Denver’s Jon Urbana has always wanted to do something great with his life. So when he set up a blog at, and then a GoFundMe page to help support the earth, it wasn’t too big of a surprise to most. Urbana’s Twitter stream and a mission statement on […]

Banco BMG – Leading Commercial Bank in Brazil

Banco BMG is one of the leading commercial banks in Brazil. The bank opened its doors in 1930 by the very prominent Guimarães family. The family owns the bank privately. During the early years, the main focus of the bank was wholesale and consumer financing. The bank financed light and heavy weight automobiles, as well […]

Rocking With A Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson was a superstar with a very long career. During his career, the mega-star attracted millions of fans from around the world. Of course, numerous people have tried to imitate the star and his slick moves on stage. However, most fail to capture the magic that was Michael Jackson. However, Sergio Cortes is one […]

A Qualified Lawyer, Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a highly prolific and skilled attorney based in Florida and Chicago. He is perpetually passionate about giving services to the public. At his 18th year, he was working as a medical technician in New Chicago. After working for six months, he became a police officer. He then gave the position of a […]