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Homeless Man Turns in Found Money

What do you expect when you hear a story about a homeless many who stumbles upon a couple of thousand dollars? Do you expect to hear that the man used it for his own good? Do you expect to hear just how that kind of money helped to better the man’s life? That is what […]

Jeb Bush Blasts Obama on Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most divisive issues between the Republican and Democratic Parties. It also stands as a barometer between the far right and the middle right conservatives working in government. Jeb Bush recently voiced his opinion on the scientific issue, stating that climate change is happening, it is a risk but it […]

Chrissy Tiegen Eats Crow!

If you know anything about model Chrissy Tiegen, you’re not at all surprised by her antics. So her latest controversial Twitter rant won’t seem out of the norm either. According to an article posted on, Tiegen went on a tweeting rampage because the tacos that she allegedly ordered from fast food chain “Jack In […]

News Reports of Train Derailment and Evacuation Near Knoxville

  Preliminary news reports this morning indicated that early on Thursday morning, at least one CSX train derailed near Marysville, Tennessee in Blount County, outside of Knoxville. The train reportedly carried Acrylonitrile, a highly flammable substance used to produce acrylic products. The derailment forced the authorities to commence an evacuation within a two mile radius. […]

Cuba Relations Continue to Normalize

Despite opposition from Congress, the Obama administration announced today that the United States and Cuba will open embassies in each other’s country. The announcement by the President is the latest move towards normalizing relations between the two countries that have been strained since Fidel Castro came to power in 1961. The United States has attempted […]

Wonderful Wi-Fi

The technology giant Google is trying to bring superfast and completely free Wi-Fi to the world one step at a time. Information released in the Bloomberg magazine states that Google has set up a company that will start this endeavor by unleashing free Wi-Fi to citizens of New York City. The name of the company […]

Boat Goes Over Dam Killing One

A boating accident in Maryland killed one person and injured eight others over the weekend. According to reports, a boat was swept over a dam on Lake Linganore. Witnesses in the area could hear screams from the victims as they were trying to draw attention and get rescued. First responders reported a number of people […]

Ben Carson Offers No Real Solution for Replacing the ACA.

Many would think that with all that has occurred in the past few weeks that Ben Carson would be front and center on the issues that are hitting hard in the media spotlight. For instance, he is a Doctor of Medicine; the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act stands as a legitimate law […]

DeAndre Jordan Visiting Other Teams

DeAndre Jordan Visiting Teams in Free Agency The free agency period is often one of the most anticipated periods during the offseason in the NBA. It’s a time when big name players can explore any and all options during the downtime between seasons. Recently, Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan decided to test out free […]