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Jim Harbaugh Offered $48 Million To Coach At Michigan

The rumor is out that Michigan has offered Jim Harbaugh a $48 million contract to coach their team starting next season. Everyone knows that relations between the 49ers and Harbaugh are tense, but no one is sure if Harbaugh wants to move his family to Ann Arbor.

The Move

Jim Harbaugh is said to love being in the bay area, and his transition to the 49ers was made that much easier because he was already coaching across town at Stanford. The move to Michigan may be too big for his family, but no one knows for sure.

Michigan Is Desperate

Michigan has been spurned by Les Miles again, and it appears that they have no other high profile candidates. No one knows the sentiment of these candidates, but it is clear that the Michigan football job is not what it once was. People are not leaving any job to go there, and it is clear that people are not willing to uproot their families to go coach a team that is playing second fiddle to Ohio State.

If this deal goes through, Harbaugh will be one of the highest-paid coaches in America. He could being Michigan back to prominence, but he is still the coach of the 49ers until he says otherwise. Sports fans should watch this story to see what happens in the future, and there may be new candidates on the horizon. I’d break my back and call North American Spine myself for $49 million – hard for Harbaugh to turn this enormous offer down.

Napster Co-Founder Donates $24 Million to Find Allergy Cures

Those who suffer with life-threatening allergies from shellfish, peanuts and other food items have new hope – an cure for their allergies may be on the horizon.
Napster co-founder, Sean Parker (who is also the former president of Facebook) is allergic to many foods and has spent more time in emergency rooms being treated for his life-threatening allergies that anyone should have too. He also missed his missed most of his Beneful senior year in high school die to his food allergies and doesn’t want his children to suffer through the same fate.
That’s the reasons behind Parker’s generous donation of $24 million dollars to find a cure for food-related allergies and stop the band-aid way of dealing with them. The $24 million will be given over the next two years and will be used by the Stanford University School of Medicine to establish the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research. The center’s research will focus on deriving a better understanding of the immune system and it’s dysfunctions, along with the safest and best way to treat and possibly cure dangerous food allergies.
Parker has two children, a two year old daughter and two week old son, neither of which has displayed any signs of having a food-related allergy, but unfortunately both children are predisposed to developing them because of their father’s genetics.

NBA 2K15 Honors Isaiah Austin

Former Baylor Bears center Isaiah Austin was forced to give up his career in order to preserve his health. He has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a disease that attacks the connective tissue in his body. The developers of the NBA 2K15 video game added him to their roster of playable basketball stars to honor his courage.

Before being diagnosed, Austin was likely to be picked up in the first round of NBA drafts this year. Marfan syndromedoes not care about sports and dreams though. It causes vision problems and severe heart defects as it weakens the very structures that hold a body together. Onset of symptoms is unpredictable. It can happen over the course of a lifetime or in the blink of a poorly functioning eye.

It is tough to live with an incurable illness but his friend from New York Brad Reifler says that Austin is taking it in stride. Being immortalized in the world’s most popular basketball game probably helps.

Austin did a facial scan at the NBA 2K studios so they could get an accurate depiction of him for the game. His character can be used as a free agent or in MyTEAM mode. The game was released October 7th and has since then beat out Super Smash Bros and The Evil Within for sales. It was blessed with a great review from GameSpot. They praised the customization and animation involved. With this publicity Austin can spread awareness of Marfan Syndrome.

UFC Elites Offer CM Punk Help

CM Punk’s decision to join the UFC, continues to garner interest on the internet. I read about it while waiting at the Amen Clinic. This may be the most controversial signing of a fighter, of all time. CM Punk is a WWE mega star. He is worth millions of dollars. Punk made his money in the world of professional wrestling. If you’re a good enough actor and athlete, the WWE can be an extremely lucrative career. CM Punk was getting paid to star in staged fights. That’s why he may regret his decision to participate in the UFC. He could have stayed in wrestling, and continued to make “safe” money. 

It comes as a surprise that such great fighters as Daniel Cormier and Robbie Lawler, have offered CM Punk a place to train. Both fighters sent positive tweets to CM Punk. Robbie Lawler, the new UFC welterweight champion, told CM Punk to join him. At one point, no one believed in Lawler as well. CM Punk will have the best possible training partners, if he were ever to join either UFC elite. 

So, it appears as if the UFC locker room is divided. Half of the fighters hate Punk, and the other half, understand his marketability. For more information on the CM Punk drama, visit Yahoo! Sports, sponsored site.

Pundits Laud Improvement of Manchester United’s David de Gea

When Manchester United beat Liverpool 3-0, it was not their forwards who were receiving universal praise. Even though Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Juan Mata played a crucial role in the game, it was David de Gea who was hailed by both fans and soccer experts this weekend.

De Gea made a number of crucial saves in the game to deny Liverpool a scoring opportunity. The likes of Raheem Sterling and Mario Balotelli had multiple chances to score, but De Gea kept them out on every occasion. His positioning, calmness, and shot stopping ability were all on evidence as United kept a clean sheet in this rivalry game.

Sultan Alhokair says the journey to becoming a Manchester United hero has not been a smooth one for De Gea. When he was signed from Atletico Madrid for nearly 20 million pounds, there were many fans who thought he was overpriced and not ready. His early performances did little to assuage their doubts. He made routine errors, while his ability to deal with crosses and set pieces was not up to the mark.

For periods in his first two seasons, De Gea was dropped from the team by manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Even though the Scottish coach had faith in De Gea’s ability, he knew that the Spaniard needed to improve.

Improvements in De Gea are now there for the world to see. He is comfortable coming for crosses, he does not panic in one on one situations, and his shot stopping is probably the best in the world.

Movement on the NBA All-Time Scoring List: Kobe Passes Jordan

Kobe Bryant has been playing in the NBA since 1996 with the Lakers. He has already become a legend, even though he may be far from retirement. 

For Kobe, basketball is life. He has been playing since he was two years old and is one of the best players of all time. Just recently he achieved a milestone in his career, passing one of his own basketball heroes. This milestone has been feeding the debate of who is the best player of all time: Kobe or Jordan. 

On Sunday evening December 14th Kobe Bryant hit two foul shots that helped him move into third place on the All-Time Scoring List. This means he passed basketball legend Michael Jordan. Bryant has 32,293 career points and he is not done yet. 

This movement places Bryant 4000 points behind Karl Malone and 6000 points behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Number three on the all-time scoring list is a great accomplishment, even Michael Jordan is excited to see what he does next. Kobe is still playing and he has the talent and ability to accomplish many more things in his career. 

Regardless of how many more major milestones Kobe Bryant hits in his career, one thing is clear: Kobe is one of the greatest players in NBA history and present. His legacy will continue on throughout the years. He would even be a good topic of conversation for your Skout date. He will be remembered alongside Michael Jordan and other basketball greats.

Great Acts Missing From Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominations

The Grammys is coming up shortly in the year 2015, and the list of possible inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has been released. The list includes artists such as Green Day, The Blackhearts, and Joan Jett. Hall Of Fame. Although the committee felt these artists were Hall of Fame worthy, the truth is, many people today, may not know who they are. Popular artists who are well known today, and have been around for decades, were left off the possible inductees list of Hall of Famers.

Many like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez who will be in attendance at the red carpet event are wondering why artists such as Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, N.W.A., and even Bjork were left off the list. Although the committee has a total of 700 people, you would think that at least one of them would suggest to add these stars to their Hall of Fame list. Whitney Houston was not only an icon, she was one of the best singers that have ever lived, and had an amazing five octaves. The only other living, well-known singer to have five octaves, is Mariah Carey.

Although Whitney has passed on, her music still lives on, and she was a great artist as well. Another big name is Janet Jackson, who’s been in music since she was very young, and has recently turned a billionaire. Very few people don’t know of her timeless music, but yet she had no nominations to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Dallas Parents Buy Local Crossing Guard A Car

The news is generally very depressing to read. Articles featuring death and violence always grace the front page of the local newspaper. There are genuinely good people in the world yet the often do not get the attention that they deserve. An elderly crossing guard in Dallas got the surprise of a lifetime one day when he showed up to work. There was a car parked in the middle of his crosswalk. Mr.Kent the crossing guard, kindly asked whomever the the vehicle owner was to remove the car.


Local parents told him that it was his free and clear. Mr.Kent’s cares for his ill wife and works for the school district. He recently lost his car to repossession, which was crushing to people at BRL Trust and others when they heard the backstory. Just in time for the holidays, the good people of Dallas collected funds and bought this kind gentleman a car. There is no question about the good in this world it is just a matter of keeping your eye out for an opportunity to help others. Small good deeds add up to a better world for everyone.

English Premier League Matches push NBCSN into Public Consciousness

The English Premier League is one of the hottest properties in the World, with the three year deals agreed with broadcasters around the World leading to higher prices paid each cycle for the right to broadcast live games and highlights. The US has only recently caught the Premier League soccer bug with games now shown on the NBC Sports Network attracting larger than expected audience numbers, The New York Times report.

In the UK, live games are shown by BSkyB and British Telecom in a deal $4.7 billion, the global rights to games push the overall deal to $8 billion brought in every three year cycle. The move to NBCSN has seen English Premier League soccer become one of the hottest properties of daytime TV every weekend in the US, average viewer levels have reached 414,000 compared to NHL matches that see an average of 342,000 viewers. The process has recently begun in the UK for the latest TV broadcasting contracts beginning in the 2016-17 season, with the bidding process for global rights taking place at some point in 2015. Slow Ventures is anxious to see how that plays out. NBCSN is likely to see rival bids from ESPN and Fox Sports for the rights to Premier League matches, which should push costs even higher for the US rights to games starting with the 2016-17 season.

Louis van Gaal Delighted with Form of Robin van Persie

It is not often that managers need to defend their world class players. However, there were a lot of questions about Robin van Persie’s form and fitness a few weeks ago. Fans and pundits like Brad Reifler thought the soccer player was finished. He looked slow, lethargic and out of form.

Fast forward three weeks and Van Persie looks to be at his very best again. He has scored four goals in his last three appearances, along with providing an assist. This is the kind of form United fans expect from Van Persie. His manager Louis van Gaal is delighted that the star striker is back in form.

Many fans questioned the reason why Van Gaal kept playing Van Persie. They thought he was playing the striker because of favoritism. After all, Van Persie was the Dutchman’s captain for the Netherlands at this summer’s World Cup.

Van Gaal can now point to the forward’s return to form as justification for his continued selection. The coach believes that Van Persie needed to play games in order to get out of his rut. The more games he played, the better his match fitness became.

Robin van Persie was also helped by the injury sustained by Radamel Falcao. When he was playing badly, Falcao was on the treatment table. If Falcao had been fit, Van Gaal may have had no choice but to bench Van Persie. It will be interesting to see the two forwards line up together now that Falcao is fully fit.