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The Midas Legacy Is Here to Help You

Most of us struggle with managing our finances. We have a hard time meeting our financial obligations as well as creating wealth. And it’s for this reason that most of us end up seeking financial advisory services from financial consulting companies. And although there are plenty of such companies in existence, we have a hard […]

Sanjay Shah Makes Things Happen

An article on provides an overview of the life Sanjay Shah, owner of Solo Capital. The article begins by discussing how Shah worked in accounting in the finance industry, but he wasn’t happy with either the work or the commute. After the 2008 financial crisis, Shah became unemployed and it was at that point […]

How Did Securus Set Up The Best In Jail Camera Network?

Securus is an A+ accredited company by the BBB and an app, and they have created a really large camera network that helps people talk through the app into the jails where Securus works. Securus is a large company that made an app even I can use, and I use it to talk to my […]

Avi Weisfogel is Hoping to Help Kids Smile

Ensuring that all children can smile is the goal of a project called Operation Smile, and Avi Weisfogel wants to do his share to help. Staring a GoFundMe campaign, Weisfogel is intent on helping children in need of facial surgeries through Operation Smile. Oftentimes children who are born with cleft palate, cleft lips, or other […]

Dojo Reveals Growth Mindset Videos

Student self-confidence is the key to helping them succeed. Many times students feel like they can’t succeed because of past failure or a lack of confidence. Growth mindset is a philosophy where students are taught that through hard work they can learn or accomplish any task. Class Dojo, a popular communication app for teachers and […]

Bearish Investments Point To Negative View By George Soros

Many of the billionaire George Soros moves with his investment house have shown that he is now seeing a bear market looming. Traders on Wall Street have commented on Soros’ trading behavior, some of which ended up in a Wall Street Journal article. They say Soros has not been at all active in the equities […]

Improved White Shark Media services

The clients should be worried no more because White Shark Media has made progress in addressing challenges faced by customers. The firm has received a lot of complaints from clients over the years, but it is because the company also had its share of the complaints too. The company was in the process of being […]

Devco Loans Develop Cities Like New Brunswick

DEVCO has been reported by the Press of Atlantic City as offering the best loans for large cities in New Jersey, and they have the best plans for these loans. Development and real estate in New Jersey can bring cities back from the brink of extinction, and they can help build tax bases while also […]

Rebooting Russia’s Economy with the Skolkovo Foundation

Alexei Beltyukov is the Adviser of the Skolkovo Foundation in Russia. He created the Skolkovo Foundation in 2010 to help facilitate more technology and business companies. The foundation also assists entrepreneurs and inventors throughout Russia. The foundation’s purpose is to help fix or eliminate issues within Russia that did not exist in previous decades. Because […]

How Technology Revolutionized Eric Pulier’s Career

Eric Pulier began the road to his career at Harvard University in 1984. While there, he decided to major in English and American literature. As he studied, he worked for The Harvard Crimson as an editor and a column writer. However, it wasn’t just his time at Harvard that helped him become the author, philanthropist, […]