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Covers.come expert fantasy basketball advice

The way we watch sports has changed quite a bit over the years. Before we had all the quality recording hardware we would just watch NBA (National Basketball Association) live on television with less commercials. The breaks during games were to grab more beer and snacks. Use the restroom is necessary. Now there are so […]

The New Makeup Craze: Superfoils and Metallic Velventines

  Are you into the metallic makeup trend? There are many options which you can choose from when you are looking for products to experiment with. One of them is the Lime Crime line of products. They have recently launched the transfer proof Velventines, which has been met with a lot of excitement. The makeup […]

Wengie Makeup Tutorial, Featuring: Cats!

Introduction to This Article In this video, the infamous YouTuber, Wengie, not only does a makeup tutorial, but she also incorporates her love for cats into it! She is a clever, beautiful girl with a real talent for makeup and DIY’s. Subscribe to her channel on YouTube to view more of her videos, but for […]

Employment Opportunities with the Wessex Institute

The University of Southampton, a top 1% university and one of the Russel Group’s founding members, is currently hiring for its Wessex Institute of Technology division. The Wessex Institute is searching for those interested in research and communications, across multiple positions. Not only do these jobs boast competitive pay; they also offer paid leave, holiday […]

Eucatex Rocking the Brazilian Wood Market

Eucatex, established in November 1931 is a Brazilian company, the first to care about the environment. This company is known to use the eucalyptus as its raw material to make ceiling tiles and panels. Eucatex started coming up with representative offices in several Brazilian Capitals and Argentina in 1956. As a leader in the wood […]

Duda Melzer’s RBS Group Produces More than $400 Million In Revenue Every Year

In 1957, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho was an associate partner of Rádio Gaúcha. In 1962, Maurício was the man behind TV Gaúcha in Porto Alegre, and five years after that, TV Gaúcha becomes an affiliate of Rede Globo. In 1969, the first regional TV network was formed by Sobrinho and in 1970, Sobrinho acquires his first newspaper, Zero Hora. In 1973, Sobrinho decided to get into the radio station business. In 1976, Sobrinho formed Rádio Atlântida FM in Porto Alegre. But Maurício wanted to expand his reach in television, so in 1979, he founded RBS TV in the city of Florianópolis in the state of Santa Catarina. In 1980, radio station Rádio Farroupilha AM started broadcasting under the RBS Group umbrella, and in 1981, Rádio Atlântida FM established affiliate network stations at Blumenau and Florianópolis. During the 1980s, 1990s, and at the turn of the century, the RBS Group kept expanding into other media forms, and the group kept adding new TV and radio stations as well as newspapers to their list of media outlets as well.     All of Sobrinho hard work and vision was not wasted on his grandson, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda Melzer. Duda Melzer was groomed to be the chairman and CEO of the RBS Group years before he assumed that role in 2012. Melzer didn’t sit around waiting to become the leader of the influential media group. He is a Harvard educated, marketing and business entrepreneur that has years of experience in the media business.     The list of Melzer’s business accomplishments is impressive. Melzer is the person that mastermind the acquisition of the digital company, e.Bricks Digital, as well a digital product development company, a book publisher, a record company, a printing company, and logistic company. The acquisition of those companies brings the total employee count to more than 6,000, and the annual sales of the RBS Group to more than $400 million.

The Midas Legacy Helps Entrepreneurs

The Midas Legacy is very good about helping people with different aspects of business and finance. The Midas Legacy help people with money management. However, they also help people start their own business. They go into all of the different aspects of business so that they can make sure that their clients succeed in any […]

The Value of Reputation Management Fixers

The companies that are getting good repeat business from customers are the ones that are making the most of each business opportunity. These businesses are luring customers with quality products and services. The entrepreneurs or business executives that are leading these companies are making every effort to focus on the customer. Still, there are going […]