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A Bank That Stays Competitive For 70 Years Is A Reflection Of Stable Policies And Smart Management

The Pentagna Guimaraes family has been a cultural icon in Brazil for offering quality commercial banking services for consumers and corporate institutions. The family established the private bank Banco de Minas Gerais S.A., also known as BMG, in 1930. Between 1930 and 1998, BMG focused its banking services on the consumer lending and wholesale market. […]

Susan McGalla Juggled Motherhood and Work

When it comes to business leaders there may be no one that I respect more than Susan McGalla. She has a really motivated me to take my skills into the corporate industry and climb up the corporate ladder. As a woman that is planning to become a CEO one day I believe that Susan McGalla […]

White Shark Media Gives Advice On Complaints

Companies that are involved with SEO content or are involved with customer service, are not new to the idea of complaints. Complaints are extremely common and are even expected among local businesses and large franchises. Despite how common complaints are, they are unwanted aspects of owning a business. White Shark Media is a company that […]

Foods to Feed Your Dog

For someone who is not used to having pets, it is very difficult to find exactly what to feed the dog. The first reaction would be to feed them with human food, but then again, they are not human, and they might need a different kind of nutrition. Dog foods are food intended for dogs […]

Jaimie Garcia Dias Surprised by the Recognition

Jamie Never Imagined This Jamie Garcia Dias had never imagined that Brazil would recognize him for his writing. He had won the White Crane Award in the year 2001. He has truly been amazed at the way that Brazil has honored him. This is a writer who does have a unique style of his own. […]

Handy Home Cleaning Services Is a Smart Investment

The world we live in today is chaotic, leaving us with little time for family, friends or ourselves. In fact, in an effort to get as much done as possible, we often find ourselves neglecting some areas of our lives. The result is we end up with a list of chores that seems impossible to […]

AnastasiaDate: Write an Article About This Company

What You Need To Know About Online Dating Are you single and considering joining an online dating site? Wondering why many people all over the world are raving about AnastasiaDate and the fantastic services they provide? Online dating has become increasingly popular as the internet has gained world wide recognition. While singles used to rely […]

A Mission For Matter

For any makeup enthusiast, the biggest hurdle we cross daily is finding products that work. Many years of heavy foundations, flaky lipsticks, and mascaras that clump. The search is tedious, and the wallet is usually empty. Not to mention styles change, your face changes, and things get discontinued. Then one day you’re introduced to a […]

Find It Handy To Make It Clean

This company wants to clean up, literally and figuratively. In the world of applications development moving at light speed, this company wants to be the next big thing that everyone is talking about. Handy is easy, it is fast and they are coming for you, just as soon as you book them and pay. Yes, […]