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QNet: A Brief Overview

In today’s world, many people are looking for business opportunities that will facilitate personal growth and economic freedom. If this is your current objective, you may want to consider QNet. To learn more about this company and whether it offers the type of vocational options that are conducive to your personal goals and professional vision, […]

The Matrix and Beyond: Virtual Cinematography

For most movie goers, a clear mark came be made in the evolution of film. Before the turn of the millennium, visual or computer generated effect in movies were, with some exception, poor substitutes for a lack of costume or puppetry visual effects. However, that all changed in 1999 when the powerhouse directing team the […]

Investing in Brazil – É boa pra caramba!

“É boa pra caramba” is a Brazilian saying that translates to “amazing” in English. It is probably the best way to comment on the gorgeous democracy of Brazil. The country may currently be in the spotlight for the upcoming 2016 Olympic games, but it really has so much more to offer. The country offers itself […]

Peace and Business

Mahatma Gandhi is a well known historical figure representing peace, both in preaching and in practice. Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran has taken the great man’s teachings and put them to use in the business world. In the corporate world it is a common practice for morals and ethics to take a backseat to profit, however […]

Homeless Man Turns in Found Money

What do you expect when you hear a story about a homeless many who stumbles upon a couple of thousand dollars? Do you expect to hear that the man used it for his own good? Do you expect to hear just how that kind of money helped to better the man’s life? That is what […]

Jeb Bush Blasts Obama on Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most divisive issues between the Republican and Democratic Parties. It also stands as a barometer between the far right and the middle right conservatives working in government. Jeb Bush recently voiced his opinion on the scientific issue, stating that climate change is happening, it is a risk but it […]