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Yeonmi Park: From Victim to Activist

Yeonmi grew up in North Korea. She was born when a very harsh famine hit North Korea. Dinner for the family was a frozen potato. Sometimes they would have to resort to eating insects. Her father, who served as a civil servant, was forced into smuggling metal in order to get food for his family. […]

Why Compliance Officers like Helane Morrison Are Preparing for the SEC to Increase Their Scrutiny

Despite claims by SEC officials that their views of chief compliance officers in money management firms have not changed, the CCO group is of a different view. The group says that members have become vulnerable and are preparing for enforcement actions and scrutiny in 2016. I believe this move will create changes for institutional investors […]

China Has A Currency Issue As Well As A Manufacturing Crisis

The People‚Äôs Bank of China cut interest rates six times in 12 months, according to hedge fund manager, Jim Dondero. Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital is a Dallas-based investment firm that does business all over the world. Mr. Dondero said China is pushing the world into another economic meltdown and […]

Investor George Soros Speaks Out On Donald Trump’s Candidacy

In the coming year, Americans will see the completion of a new election cycle. Each party will nominate a new candidate for president. Observers believe that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the best chance at the Democratic nomination. Many observers are less sure about who will emerge with the Republican nomination. One person […]

Beneful Heading Up Dog Food Taste and Price

Dog food purchases are increasing all over the world. People are buying better dog foods, more nutritious, and better flavors for their pets. Companies are working to provide new dog foods that not only taste better but also provide the nutritional content that dog owners are searching for. If you love your dog you will […]

Magic Mike XXL Review

Magic Mike XXL is a sequel to the popular film Magic Mike, released in 2015. Directed by Gregory Jacobs, this film was apparently three years in the making, having been set in motion shortly after the success of the original Magic Mike became apparent to studios. While some of the original cast is missing, Channing […]

The Influence of Charles Koch

Charles Koch, in recent news, has expressed his disappointment with the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates. Mr. Koch is a power broker who has had considerable influence in picking and choosing potential candidates for office. However, Mr. Koch’s interview with the Financial Times at the headquarters for Koch Industries demonstrates his disapproval in some of the […]