How to Get Rentals in Panama

Investing in rentals is always a good idea says Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa. Getting rentals in any new place may be as difficult as it is time-consuming on There is always the wonderful option of getting help from real estate agents. One should always be cautious when making any investment. It is good to understand all the risks and benefits before buying property.

The following are tips on buying rental property in Panama
1. Focus on buying below the market value
To ensure that you always get a profit from your investment, look for the low priced property on This will help you, especially when looking for clients. Buying expensive property will mean that your rentals will also be expensive and if not you will be making losses. This does not mean that you should compromise on the quality of the property.

2. Look for a likable neighborhood
You may not be the one to live in these rentals, but you should look for the best neighborhood in the market. Although people have different ideas on the ideal neighborhoods, there are some constants such as security. This will ensure that your rentals are always occupied.

3. Familiarize yourself with the laws
In this case, you should get adequate information on the Panama rental laws to avoid getting into trouble.

4. Availability of services
Look for a strategic location. Make sure that your tenants can easily access private and public services.

5. Quality of the construction
As an investor, you should avoid property, which is not well constructed. A property on Facebook, which requires a lot of repairing, translates to more investment. The less work the property requires, the better for you.

6. Plan on management
If you do not manage the property personally, you can get another person or a firm to do it for you. This is to ensure that your property is well maintained.

7. Do not focus only on the size
In rentals at, size is an important factor. It should be considered among other factors such as design and number of rooms.

8. Consider changes in the public services
Ensure that the tenants pay bills under their names. Listing your tenants under your name can cause problems. If a tenant delays or skips payment, you will be held responsible.

Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa is a resident of Panama although he is originally from Venezuela. He holds executive positions in various companies. Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa is also a businessman and entrepreneur. He mentors the youth and helps startup businesses.

Personal Stories Propel “The Greyhound Diaries” Of Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt was once a member of the mainstream media he now looks to in a bid to bring the personal stories of millions of U.S. citizens who are often ignored by news channels based in major metropolitan areas of the country. After deciding he needed to explore his own path in life after spending a number of years working for news media, including ABC, NBC, and CNN Doug decided he needed to return to his artistic past and soon found himself embarking on a journey that would become “The Greyhound Diaries”.


Named after the famous bus line the project has taken many different forms since Doug Levitt began exploring areas of the central area of the U.S. little news is ever heard from. Doug has explained he has been inspired by the WPA initiatives that took place in the 1930s when the U.S. Federal Government provided funding for various artists in a bid to record the issues facing society during the period known as the Great Depression.


Using a folk rock style to craft songs based on the lives and personal stories of the people he meets during his many journey’s on buses across the U.S. links Doug even more with the classic folk singers of the early to mid 20th century; the links to classic folk singers of history have seen Doug make his way to The Woody Guthrie Center to perform his multi media event that brings together every aspect of the work Doug has completed.


Doug may draw inspiration from the historic folk stars who preceded him, but he is also looking to use the latest technology in the production of a web series that brings his impressive catalog of work making up “The Greyhound Diaries” to the wider public. In his earlier career Doug Levitt took a very different path and was well known as a news correspondent for many U.S. networks and was based in London for the majority of his career; it was during his time in London that Doug decided personal satisfaction in the pursuit of his artistic dream was more important than continuing to find career success as a foreign correspondent.

Sensitive Business

Parting ways with a high-ranking executive in an organization is never an easy evolution. There is a delicate process that must take place even if the separation occurred over pleasant terms. When the split is contemptuous there are many levels of intense maneuvering to be done. The relationship between the Atlanta Hawks and the team’s former general manager Danny Ferry was an example of two parties fighting to break away from one another. The final result ended in former principal team owner Bruce Levenson suing his insurance company for breach of contract.

Bruce Levenson led an ownership group that controlled the Atlanta Hawks up until it’s sale to Forbes billionaire  Tony Ressler. Levenson had the unenviable task of dealing with the Danny Ferry situation. Ferry claimed wrongful termination in his dispute with the team. Levenson states that the actions by Ferry initiated a clause in his insurance policy with AIG. The expenses of the legal process were supposed to be covered by the insurance policy according to Bruce Levenson. The actions by AIG showed bad faith in relation to the policy that was currently in place. UCG Chairman Bruce Levenson claims that the insurance company had a responsibility to be directly involved with the proceedings involving Ferry. AIG never acknowledged that the policy was triggered while negotiations were taking place with Danny Ferry’s council.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC is the former ownership organization’s title. The group reached a settlement with Ferry and approved the sale of the team thereafter. The current ownership group led by Tony Ressler is not implicated in any claims or allegations by Bruce Levenson and his former colleagues.

Levenson,, is seeking 50% coverage in the legal fees and costs according to his legal representatives. These expenses are expected to be taken care of during the process of the mediation. AIG has not responded to any of the allegations to this point.



The Remarkable Career Endeavors of Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

Avi Weisfogel is a successful dentist who has been practicing in New Jersey for more than 15 years. He owns a hospital that is called Old Bridge Dental Care and has been offering his services through the facility. The Old Bridge Dental Care was formed in 1999, and the people of that region have recognized the services that it offers. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been designated many times as a leading dentist. He has been passionate about conducting research on sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, which he has specialized in curing. In 2010, Avi began the Healthy Heart Sleep, and it is interested in discovering more about sleep disorders. The organization owns various research amenities that are based across the globe. He also runs the Dental Sleep Disorders, which has operated since 2014 and is focused on oral medications that can cure sleep defects. Weisfogel is highly knowledgeable and experienced in healing sleep apnea. Another research and education institution that he owns is the Unlimited Sleep Patient.


Apart from making many career accomplishments, Avi Weisfogel is a generous person and has been helping the society to access the best medical care. He has been showing his support by offering donations to Operation Smile. Avi raises the money by using his GoFundMe account, and he gave $2000 to boost the fundraising. Operational Smile is a charity, and its main aim is to offer medical care to impoverished people who cannot access it. It started by helping needy Philippine children, and it has currently grown to over 80 countries. Weisfogel’s mission is to treat children and young people who have been deformed by oral conditions such as lip cleft and palates. More than 200,000 surgical operations have been conducted by the organization since the campaign started.


Anyone who would like to contact Avi can reach him on his social media account. He is on both Facebook and Twitter. The doctor is a great fan and musician of Hip-Hop music. Making music is his hobby, and he goes to the studio when he is not at work. His songs can be downloaded from Soundcloud.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Venture Capital Visionary

Eric Lefkofsky, born in 1969, grew up in Southfield, Michigan and studied to become a lawyer. After earning his Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School, his trajectory changed. Although Lefkofsky started with a traditional career choice, he had an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age. Since then, he has founded major tech companies that have gone public—most notably, Groupon— and has acquired an impressive $1.65 billion in net worth. Currently ranked #374 on Forbes 400 list this year, Lefkofsky earned the impressive title from the success of Groupon and since become one of Chicago’s most influential tech gurus.

While he is still very much in the tech industry, Lefkofsky’s sights have veered towards another direction: health. His next vision is to focus on Tempus, a health-tech startup. Tempus was created with a goal to build the infrastructure for the modernization of cancer treatment. Working with a prominent Venture Capital firm in Chicago, Lightbank, Lefkofsky is optimistic about the future of cancer treatment. Bringing in his wealth of knowledge and experience in data science, Lefkofsky wants to assist healthcare professionals to make decisions and provide the best treatment possible based on the genomic data collected and analyzed by Tempus. The technology While temps is solely focusing on collecting data for pancreatic, breast and lung cancer, expansion to include studying all cancers is shortly.

Lefkovsky’s philanthropic ventures are wide-ranging, and he generously supports initiatives in education, health, human rights, arts and culture and tech. From supporting major health centers like Johns Hopkins and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lefkofsky and his wife also created a charitable trust in 2006 called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The company was created to support charities that promote the advancement of science and education around the world. While they are mostly focused on initiatives in Chicago, the Lefkofsky’s are deeply passionate about supporting children, especially disadvantaged youth, in achieving a great education and building a bright future for themselves. Eric Lefkofsky has also gifted his alma mater with a generous donation of $1.2 million to the school’s Health system, along with several significant donations to other neighboring universities.

Eric Lefkofsky has created many successful ventures as a serial entrepreneur over the years and is now focused on bringing that success to Tempus and helping to find a cure for cancer through proprietary algorithms and data-driven science.

Sapphire Rings, A New Take on an Old Favorite

It has been said that fashion trends that come into play eventually return. We’ve all seen this in clothing like fashion styles from the 1980’s that came back in style once again in the 2000’s. The same may be true with jewelry. Sapphire rings are coming back into style.

As we know, celebrities can influence what we wear and what styles are currently in fashion. If a celebrity is well-liked the public is more likely to emulate his or her style. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is therefore a likely style icon who’s beautiful sapphire engagement ring not only pays homage to its original owner, Princess Diana, it also portrays an image of individuality and classic style that is as eye catching as it is unique.

A woman’s worst nightmare used to be showing up to prom with the same dress as another girl but today, it might be having the same engagement ring as her friend. Having experienced this first hand, there’s nothing like spending hours searching for that perfect ring. That one ring that symbolizes and represents the love you and your fiancé share only to spot the exact same cookie-cutter ring on an acquaintance’s hand at a cocktail party. So, one solution to this problem is to reclassify an old tradition in a non-traditional way, choosing an engagement ring that is made of gemstones such as sapphire ensures authenticity and will make a bold statement.

Sapphires come in an array of colors ranging from the bluest of blues to ruby red. The availability of multiple colors allow couples to choose an engagement ring that is both modern and classic at the same time but is definitely not boring.

So, if you are getting engaged and looking for a unique way to express your love be sure to check out the Natural Sapphire Company. The Natural Sapphire Company is the authority on sapphire jewelry. Check the company out at The site includes a lot of interesting information about the gemstone and of course you can purchase items there as well. Happy shopping!

Kenneth Goodgame: Master Of Retail And Blogger

Kenneth Goodgame is someone who is able to master the retail world. For one thing, he has strategies that will bring forth much better results for any retail store. He knows how to bring out the customers. Among the different techniques he thinks about is using the end cap to bring out the attention. While a lot of people seem to think of retail as just putting up merchandise and selling it, there are some who use a bit more creativity in bringing out the sales of the company. There are certain things that one could do with an end cap that will have the customers empty it.

Kenneth Goodgame not only knows how to bring about a good end cap sale, but he is also able to bring forth products that customers would want. He is someone who knows how to negotiate with the company that makes the products in order to come up with a deal that could bring forth products that are very high in quality. One thing that Kenneth notices about a lot of companies is that they don’t know how to get a deal that will bring them products other than the lowest priced product.

Recently, Kenneth Goodgame has launched a website that offers people a platform to share different ideas that could help grow the company. The name of the site is Kenneth Goodgame is able to share ideas on his site that he wouldn’t have been able to share without it. This is one of the platforms that other retailers could go to so that they could come up with insights that could help bring the success of their company to the next level. These days, it is important to be creative. Even retail has room for creativity as an industry. After all, customers need to have a reason to visit the store over another.

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Taking Action And Making A Difference

James Dondero has been a fixture in the Dallas business scene for many years. His contributions to the community are measured by more than personal success. James has made strides in various areas including education and charity work. James founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. It has become one of the largest credit management firms in the world. The company has various interests and holds offices in South Korea, and Singapore. Dondero and founding partner Mark Okada set up to build an organization that would grow into a pillar of strength within its business environment.

The Highland Dallas Foundation handles the philanthropic business for Highland Capital Management. Through the foundation James Dondero issued a one million dollar challenge in support of The Family Place. The challenge is designed to inspire others in the community to put forth donations to assist The Family Place in continuing their work within the Dallas area. James and his organization will match every other donation up to one million dollars. This brings the ultimate total to two million. Money will go to developing new resources that will allow The Family Place to expand its reach and help people in need.

Part of the inspiration for the challenge was a call to action by the mayor of Dallas. The mayor called attention to many of the city’s issues that are falling through the cracks. With help from the donations The Family Place will be able to build a new resource center that will provide education programs for job training, bedrooms for emergency shelter, a trauma hotline and medical support. The finished project will allow The Family Place to house over two thousand individuals. It is designed to be a safe haven for those who are in situations that seem hopeless and dangerous. Domestic violence victims and teens who suffer from bullying will be offered counseling and a place of refuge in order to recover from abuse.

James Dondero was appointed to the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. The appointment is another aspect of James and his company’s involvement with the development of talent in the local Dallas community.

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John Goullet’s Undertakings in the IT Staffing Industry.

Diversant Limited Liability Company is a highly performing IT staffing firm. It has gained recognition for being the most prosperous African-American 0wned business in the United States. The government currently recognizes it as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, and this identity has facilitated the development of the company. The IT staffing solutions that Diversant is excellent at providing are creative services, direct hiring, and reinforcement of IT staff. The policies that the enterprise applies when addressing the needs of its clients are exceptional since they ensure that the customers, business affiliates, and the community are satisfied. The company has developed its customer service to be outstanding, and it has been essential in creating healthy relationships. They interact with the clients by consulting them in every step that they take, and this makes them feel like affiliates of the firm.

The technology sector has currently evolved across the world, and therefore, many professionals are needed to deal with various upcoming IT problems. Diversant LLC has been offering valuable help to its clients in sourcing IT experts who have the knowledge of handling a broad array of challenges. Corporations get employees who match their working style, culture, and the environment. The staffing company ensures that all the specialists that it provides can develop computer programs that have been personalized according to the needs of the clients. Diversant accomplishes this by using its exceptional methods in hiring IT experts.

John Goullet is a creative entrepreneur who is recognized as being the founder of various successful IT businesses. He has been the principal of Diversant LLC since 2010 when he joined it after merging his company, Info Technologies. He established Info Technologies in 1994 to offer staffing services. The clients that the firm mostly served were the Fortune 500 companies. The enterprise thrived in the industry since it comprehended the gaps that were in the corporate world and devoted itself to filling them. Goullet served as the chief executive officer, and his leadership made the business to grow its value to $30 million within five years. The Inc. Magazine also appreciated the excellent performance of the enterprise.


Discover A Great Opportunity To Grow With The Largest Online Bank In The Nation

Thousands of customers around the nation are growing with the largest online bank in the industry. Now, you have the opportunity to grow with the largest online bank in the country, reported by PRN Newswire in a recent article. PRN News was proud to report the coverage behind the National Banking Convention that was hosted by, CEO and founder of NexBank, John Holt. Holt promised to work with corporations around the nation to improve banking services and resources. NexBank is a leading banking institution located in Dallas, Texas and has an impressive 569,000+ online customers from the local area. They’re working hard to expand their services to a national platform which will help thousands of additional customers.

NexBank is committed to serving the local community for over 30 years and has partnered with Habitat For Humanity in Dallas to provide homeownership to low income individuals. They have provided financial support and resources towards the initiative to create quality housing for the underprivileged. Homeowner’s will have lower than normal interest rates and affordable monthly mortgages, based on their financial status. You have a wonderful opportunity to build your investment for years to come. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to finance your home with a bank that cares about your financial future.

NexBank Services

– Free direct deposit
– Free checks
– Free online bill pay
– IRA accounts
– Mortgage accounts
and much more…

You can build your financial future with an institution that puts their customers first. Customer feedback has a role in the promotional offers and services offered by the bank. NexBank believes the customers know what they want and the services that they can benefit from. You’re invited to browse their website to find out what services and features will work at giving you financial freedom.