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Hollywood Celebrities Salaries Revealed

There are quite a few celebrities in Hollywood that make a lot more money than the rest of the actors and actresses. For a long time it has been debated on whether some stars are worth the salaries that they make. There is a list that has been revealed about these different celebs and all […]

Million Dollar Feces Discovery

Geologists and other researchers for the United States Geological Survey believe that human feces could be “mined” for precious metals worth millions. USGS geologist Kathleen Smith and her colleagues studied feces from rural and city waste samples all over the country and found that human feces contains enough precious metals like gold, silver, platinum copper […]

Beyoncé’s Song “7/11″ Dance, Slayed By 4 Year Old

There are very few people who do not know the Beyoncé song 7/11. The video for the song was suddenly dropped in 2014, without any notice to her fans. The video became a sensation, because it was more of a freestyle video, where Beyonce was dancing around the hotel room, as well as her home, […]

Controversial Scarface remake moves into production

The iconic Hollywood crime drama Scarface is to get an update in a remake that is being planned by Universal, CNNreports. The story of an immigrant arriving in the US with nothing and becoming a major crime boss has already seen versions made in the 1930s and 1980s, but now looks set to see a […]

Mara and Giants Came up Short

While no one would consider the New York Giants to be sore losers, it would appear their co-owner John Mara is either a sore loser or trying to put a positive face on their team coming up short on acquiring the league’s top talent in this year’s free agency market. Admittedly, the team lost out […]

Woman Fakes Having Cancer for Money

We’ve all heard stories of scammers deceiving others for money. While these never turn out well, the instance of a 36 year old Florida woman faking cancer to steal money from sympathizers is particularly disgusting. Kelly Johanneson was arrested on Friday and charged with organized fraud after she was acting as if she had Stage […]

Adidas Not Renewing NBA Apparel Contract

The German sportswear manufacturer, Adidas will not renew its contract to supply apparel to the National Basketball League of America (NBA). Adidas believes it would be better to invest their money in new products and players. Adidas has lost market share in the United States to Nike Inc and Under Armour Inc and the market […]