Just Who Is Eric Pulier

Being famous or having celebrity status usually refer to people like athletes and entertainers. These select individuals are household names and are on the cover of many magazines. On the other hand, people who do things that contribute to society are often forgotten even though they’re changing lives for the better. Eric Pulier embodies this notion perfectly and even though he’s not a household name, he’s done more for society than any athlete or entertainer.

Eric Pulier is one of a kind thanks to his possession of many great characteristics. The guy is an author, entrepreneur, guest speaker, businessman, technologist, and philanthropist wrapped up in one package. From a very young age, Eric Pulier was a bit different compared to his peers. He had a natural gift for coming up with ideas and creating solutions. During his high school days he founded a data computer company, but back in the fourth, he programmed his first computer. As you can see that even from a young age he was destined for greatness. Pulier attended his college studies in 1984 at Harvard University. Around this time Pulier was taking classes at (MIT) thanks to it’s close proximity. His ambition kept him busy as he wrote columns for “The Harvard Crimson” all while holding down the editor position. In 1988 he graduated magna cum laude and was now ready to take the world by storm.

Pulier started his professional life and career in L.A. One of his first founded companies was “People Doing Things.” (PDT) used advanced technology that solved issues in the education and healthcare fields of work. Pulier strived even more and created a private social media network for chronically ill children named “Startbright World.” He participated in Bill Clinton’s 2nd inauguration and was chosen to build the platform for “Bridge To The 21st Century.” This guy is all over the board and has founded/co-founded 15 companies, won numerous awards for his philanthropic solutions, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and capital ventures. Eric Pulier is setting new trends and raising the current status quo even higher.

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Recap: The Texas Bankers Association 2016

Held back on November 7th of this year, The Texas National Bankers Association held it’s annual Strategic Opportunities and (M&A) Conference in the New Orleans, Louisiana. The event went off without a hitch as usual and this year’s theme was more about “Reinventing Community Banking.” Since community banking has become so large over the past few years, conferences like this is a great way for industry personnel to stay on top of their game and to stay on top of market trends. Community Banking has become a powerhouse that can truly rival much larger International Banking Facilities. “Spare No Expense,” many of these exclusive financial institutions have substantial net worth’s of their own and offers some of the most advanced technology services.

NexBank Capital, Inc was well represented this year as it’s current President and (CEO) John Holt participated in the event’s discussion panel. Mr. Holt is the perfect candidate for the job since his bank is one of the most successful institutions in the region. NexBank specializes in Commercial, Mortgage, and Investment Banking. The bank shines a new light on the city of Dallas as of today and it was involved in one of the largest successful mortgage projects of recent years known as “The Affordable Housing Loan Program.” NexBank is clearly leading the way in an ultra competitive field with it’s innovative services, great leadership, and success. The bank has an estimated worth of $3.5 Billion.

Panelists and Participants of the conference got a chance to share ideas, perspectives, and interests. Exploring any opportunities that community banks may be facing is also on the agenda. This Strategic Conference is a great way to stay on top of cutting edge services, networking, and finding solutions to any challenges.

Getting to Utilize Magnises

There are a lot of young working professionals who simply want to connect with people around them who share the same interests as they do. This is why it is so important for you to check out a company known as Magnises and to see what it can do for you and anyone else in your group who might want to have better connections with a professional service that allows you to take advantage of different types of events because of the perks that it offers to you. There are a lot of different reasons for you to make use of the Magnises club for perks specific to working Millennials who might want to make use of these advantages.

When you begin to make use of this amazing Club, you are going to be getting better benefits and perks to special events that are in your specific area. You can also get perks for different events that are going on in areas where you might be traveling so that this is something that you will find incredibly beneficial in your own life. A lot of working Millennials are beginning to realize just how popular Magnises as specific Club can be for them and their loved ones and it is also allowing them to network with other people who share the same interests as they do and who also are making use of this amazing company.

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Another wonderful benefit to making use of Magnises is that they are very strong on social media and so it is extremely easy for you to find more about their company and see what they can do for you as they have for a lot of other individuals who have made use of their company themselves. In fact, they can be found on a wide variety of different social media websites to make your life a whole lot easier and this is definitely something you will want to consider if you are looking to find out more information about their services and the different types of perks that might be available to you at any given moment in time.

There has never been a better time for you to check out Magnises then right now because of the different types of perks and events that they have available to all of their members each and every day. It is important for you to learn more about this amazing Company by visiting their website or social media accounts to see what they can do for you as they have for a lot of other people who are simply trying to connect with others around them in a more professional manner without having to necessarily do all of this on their own. This is a great company for you to get different types of perks two events that are in your area and you can also save you a ton of money when this is something that you would otherwise be doing for yourself and know that this is something beneficial to you and all of your loved ones as well.

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According to Nov 9, 2012, news article in NZ Herald, Geoffrey Cone, an eminent tax layer of New Zealand has finally retaliated to the proclamation of New Zealand being the lucrative tax haven for investors. He professionally and boldly put forward many reasons that testified his claim of New Zealand not being a tax haven.


Geoffrey Cone is the head of one of the most established law firms in New Zealand namely Cone Marshall which mainly deals with offering consultancy services in the field of tax cases and estate problems. Geoffrey Cone is an expert in international trusts, tax laws and tax management. He expertly handles all the international property cases and is one of the greatest propounders of tax transparency.


Cone Marshall was started in 1999 with the joint effort of Geoffrey one and Karen Marshall. Since its inception, the law firm has continually risen to become one of the top tax law companies of New Zealand which deals in international tax laws.


Geoffrey Cone has openly spoken about New Zealand not being in the list of tax havens that has been maintained by OECD. He further argues that New Zealand does not qualify for any major characteristics that a tax haven should have. The main features are zero or nominal taxes, lack of transparency and restricted exchange of information with other governments. On the other hand, New Zealand clearly occupies a proud position in the White List of OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) for implementing the international tax standard for transparency in an extensive level.


On top of that, in order to fortify the transparency act, Michael Cullen established a strict rule in 2006 which demanded a New Zealand trustee of a foreign trust to sign a Foreign Trust Disclosure Form. Apart from that, the trustee is asked to record financial details like trust deed, settlements, distribution and trustee’s assets details, business details of trusts. These rules were further strengthened with the enacting of world standard money laundering legislation in 2011.


New Zealand is at par with other tax transparent countries like Singapore, Britain with the country’s 39 double tax agreements, around 20 tax information exchange agreements. The country has also signed the multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters.


Geoffrey Cone says that the only reason that foreign trusts have increased in New Zealand is that of the country’s strong global reputation as a safe, stable place for the protection of assets. This reputation is the cumulative effort of the State Governments and the country’s lawyers and accountants who are licensed members of the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. The work of these lawyers has always pushed New Zealand to the forefront of tax transparency in the eyes of OECD and international experts.


Top Financial Strategies Explains Why It’s Time Parents Let Children Pay Their Bills




Sam Tabar, who is not only a vibrant attorney but also a finance strategist, advises parents on supporting their children. It is normal for parents to assist their children financially in enabling than live a comfortable life. However, the question is, up to when should this stop? Most parents continue supporting their children even after they are all grown up. When parents do this, they are sacrificing their financial wellness for the sake of children who can support their expenditure comfortably.



According to Federal Reserve, most Americans have below $400 worth of savings while most Millennials have an average of $9,100 worth of savings. Once a child has a stable income, it’s time for parents to let their children pay their bills while they direct their money towards their retirement savings. No parent should risk spending too much on their kids and forgetting to save for retirement.



Sam Tabar’s career



About.me tells us that Sam Tabar is an attorney in Skadden which he joined after graduating from Columbia law school in 2001. During his time in Skadden, he advised clients on issues such as structures investment management, side letters, employment issues, and regulatory issues. In 2014 September Tabar left his legal career and started a journey in finance with PMA Investment Advisor based in Hong Kong. He began as a counsel and later promoted to Director of Business Development. As a top influencing operation manager in the marketing industry, Sam specializes in generating millions and billions marketing with the partnership of advanced marketing and sales, tailored financial oversight in addition to smart business structure.



In February 2011 Tabar joined America Merrill Lynch Bank as a Director and head of the strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. He used his ability to promote growth through excellent leadership and counseling investor. In December 2012 Sam resigned to serve as the Director of Adanac LLC.In 2013 September, Sam Tabar went back to his original career law. He joined Schulte Roth & Zabel firm as an associate. He offered the services as fund formation and structure management which he later left in March 2014. Since then Sam has been practicing law and has also managed to handle financial matters.  Sam’s official executive page has more on his continued rise in the business world.

Equities First Lending

Lending is one of the biggest industries in the entire economy. For a lot of people, it is difficult to imagine borrowing money from an online bank. However, that is where the vast majority of growth has occurred in recent years. Many younger customers today value convenience, and this is leading to growth within the category. Equities First is a company that has done a great job taking advantage of that growth. If you want to take things to the next level with your finances, this is a great company to work with. They are ready and willing to help you throughout the entire process.

Equities First

From the time the company was started, Equities First has focused on providing value to customers. This is one of the biggest reasons why the company continues to grow so rapidly. In addition, Equities First was an early adopter of online lending, and this has led to a lot of growth within the category. Equities First is aggressive with acquisitions, and they are excited about what the future holds for them. If you want to invest in your future, Equities First is a great company to work with in this area.

Lending Rules

There are a lot of new rules when it comes to online lending. The government is starting to patrol this area of the economy more and more. If you want to borrow or lend money online, make sure that you understand how the process works. A lot of people get themselves into trouble by borrowing too much money all at once. Equities First has a lot of tools on their website to help you with deciding how much money to borrow. Although it may seem easy at the time, borrowing money is not always the answer to everything. A lot of people are carrying too much debt in their personal life, and this is causing a lot of economic strife. If you want to work with Equities First on your finances, this is a great company that cares about its customers. In addition, the company is growing at a rapid rate.

Eric Pulier Has Helped Integrate Health Care & Technology

Eric Pulier is a well-known entrepreneur who has a number of business based out of LA. He is also known for his grand philanthropy and giving back to the community that he lives in a variety of fashions. Pulier is one of the few who understands that to make a positive influence in business is not, enough because one has to give back to the world that has helped them achieve great things.

Pulier started life in Teaneck, New Jersey programming computers at the age of nine. It didn’t take him long to realize that he was a computer whiz and by high school he had already started up his first business venture: a database computer company. In 1984 he began attending Harvard University where he surprisingly majored in American and English literature instead of computer science. This liberal background likely helped him understand the markets he later pitched his products too. While at Harvard the ambitious student also took classes at MIT.

In 1991 he kicked off his formal entry into the business world by creating a company that utilized technology to address education healthcare and other issues in LA named People Doing Things. Three years later he founded Digital Evolution which then merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. He also was a large part of the creation of Starbright World, which is a social network that is designed for chronically ill children so that they can safely talk to each other, blog, and post content with others who have similar experiences.

Pulier has had his work on display on the national level as he created the Presidential Technology Exhibition in DC following the 1997 Presidential Inauguration. He also worked on the then VP Al Gore’s technology and health forum helping to bridge the gap between new technology and integration in the health care place.

As mentioned earlier, Pulier is known for his charity work and giving back to his community. He sits on the board of the X-Prize Foundation and regularly donates to many non-profits. He also works The Painted Turtle which is a camp that serves the needs of kids that suffer from chronic illness.

For more information please visit http://ericpulier.com

Choosing A Reliable Investment Firm

Are you in need of the expert guidance and services of a renowned investment banking firm or professional? Do you want to enlist the services of an experienced and knowledgeable investment banker? Perhaps you have read a lot the amazing benefits of consulting with Martin Lustgarten and his team of experts.

Every day many people, especially aspiring investors, go online searching for reliable information about investment bankers and investment opportunities. If you are thinking about venturing into this lucrative field and are searching for expert guidance or advice, then check out Lustgarten.

As a financial intermediary, a well-established investment banking professional can render a variety of services to both beginning and veteran investors. It is absolutely essential to select an investment banking firm or financial services professional who has great expertise in raising capital, and facilitating corporate reorganizations, including mergers.There are several ways to invest your money and achieve financial and personal success. One of the best and most reliable ways to reach your financial goal is through investment banking. But you will need expert advice and guidance in order to attain the success you desire.

Choosing a financial or investment advisor is not something to be taken lightly. If you are thinking about getting into the investment field, especially investment banking, it’s imperative that you contact a renowned firm or expert for proper guidance.

As a highly reputable provider of top notch investment solutions, Martin Lustgarten is considered one of the most reliable in the industry. With numerous clients all over the world, his firm comes highly recommended in the investment banking field. Martin has such a great reputation due to his top quality services and affordable rates. His clients come from various parts of the world and they are extremely delighted withe outstanding outcome they have received.

Martin Lustgarten has great expertise in investment banking and is considered of the most knowledgeable in the field. His clients come from a wide variety of industries and are always happy with the quality of service they have received. He takes the time to review his clients’ situation and then come up with the right approach to meet their needs.


Norka Luque is More Successful Than Others

For Norka Luque, success is defined by the different things that she is able to do. She knows that putting out a lot of albums, making a lot of tour dates and always remaining relevant are the things that will allow her to be successful in her singing career. She wants to make sure that she is as successful as possible and she knows that she needs to always push forward to reach the level of success that will be satisfactory for her. She wants to be the best she can be and be the number one singer in the Latin genre.

New music is one of the ways that Norka Luque is able to be successful. She writes the majority of her own music which means that the number of songs that she sings and records is nearly limitless. All she has to do is think of new fodder for her songs and this will allow her to be better at what she is doing. It also means that she is plagued by road blocks and writers worries when she really just wants to write songs. For that reason, she has built up a collection of written songs that she has not recorded yet.

Tours are one of Norka Luque’s favorite things to do when she is making music. She knows that touring different places will help her to get her name out there. She rarely says no to a tour or a show that she can do to increase her popularity. This has allowed her the chance to make sure that she is getting what she wants out of the process. The more tours that she does, the bigger chance she has of being more relevant in different areas than the ones that she has already been on tour in.

Norka Luque knows that relevance is key in any music career. She wants to make sure that she remains as relevant as possible and she always works to make sure that she can do this. There are many ways that she does it but she has always been able to stay relevant. While she has been successful at it in the past, the key is to be successful in the future. She wants everyone to know that she is doing better than what she did in the past and that she is going to keep making great music.

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How Classdojo Works

Classdojo works in classrooms to help students have a better chance at getting rewarded for their good behavior and by helping teachers to reward their students. The app is used to create a reward system that is uniform and is easy for students to be able to achieve. Teachers who use the app report that their classroom morale is much higher and that they are able to see vast improvements in students who may have struggled in the past with doing good things in the classroom. It is an app that is intended for students of any age.


When the teacher first makes the decision to start using the app, he or she can add different things that will be worth different points. For example, they can add using manners, being kind and helping friends. They can also add rewards for different point amounts. When the students do each of these things, they will get points. The points will add up and they will then be able to cash them in for the rewards that the teacher has set up. This is one of the ways in which the app works and is something that teachers can really benefit from.


Once the student has been added to the platform of Classdojo, they can then go into the app and set up their avatar. They can create custom settings for the app and can make their dojo appear different from everyone else’s. Students who are older and who have phones or tablets are able to get into the app on a student level and use the app while they are at home to make sure that they get a chance to see how they are doing in class at all times no matter where they are at.


Parents who wish to be a part of the Classdojo community will be added by the teachers. They will then be put into the system and will be able to start a password and username that connects with their child. They can access the app from anywhere on their phone and at any time throughout the day. This gives them a chance to see what their child is doing throughout the day and see the different things that he or she has gotten points for. This is a great way to get parents involved in the classroom without them ever having to visit the school.


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